3 Stylish Spring Updates That Actually Save You Money

Everything you need to know about motorized shades and automated lighting

  It’s getting warmer in Louisiana and it might be time for some smart home spring cleaning. Though smart home technology is a significant upfront investment, it can truly pay off in the long run: You’ll see excellent returns via economic and energy savings to justify the cost. Not to mention you’ll enjoy these features as soon as we install them. Today, we’ll specifically discuss motorized shades, automated lighting and outdoor updates.

  Are you ready to freshen up your Baton Rouge, LA, home for spring? Keep reading to see our suggestions that enhance your home’s aesthetic while saving you money.

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Motorized Shades

We can’t think of a more stylish, customizable example of conserving resources than motorized shades. You conserve resources just by changing your drapery -- and we’ll help you find the color, texture and fabric that matches your home. Read this blog for a comprehensive list of QMotion designs that Acadian Custom installs!

Automated shades save money and energy during hot spring and summer months because they reduce obtrusive heat from outside that forces your HVAC system to work harder. Did you know that almost 80 percent of the sunlight that enters your home converts to heat? Motorized shades help cool your home in two ways: by trapping heat outdoors and by minimizing the amount of light the room absorbs through sunlight. When your temperature control doesn’t have to overexert itself, it can manage heat more efficiently, decreasing your energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs involve heating and cooling your home, especially in Louisiana, where it’s already scorching in April.

To maximize your energy savings, make sure time is on your side. Setting your shades to lower down during high-heat periods, coupled with their intrinsic heat-shielding abilities, will protect your home from overheating.


Automated Lighting

Ever since Lutron introduced the then-innovative dimmer switch in 1959, lighting automation has illuminated homes all around the world. These dimmers are popping up in more homes than ever now because they help set a mood and enhance the beauty of home spaces -- all while saving money.

With features like scenes, your lighting will always feel like sheer luxury, even though they’re saving money. Press one button on your custom-matched wall plate or dimmer switch, and your preferred ambiance is at your fingertips. When the party’s over, you’re much more likely to save energy if you can turn everything off in one click. Automated lighting does these tasks for you, giving you some slack.

We can also install occupancy sensors that detect when people enter and exits the room. As soon as someone leaves a light will turn off, so you don’t have to remember.


Outdoor Lighting

You can enjoy economical choices for outdoor lighting, too. Nothing says springtime in Louisiana like a balmy night outside, enjoying time with friends, and a little smart lighting can help you set the mood. Maybe you want to upgrade with a few accent lights to enhance your yard, pool, patio, deck or house front.

Since you will control all your lighting from one source, you can integrate your outdoor lighting with your interior schedule. Perhaps you don’t want your landscape lighting on at all times, so you can add it the scenes we’ve listed above, powering down your pool, patio, grill, sidewalk and accent lights simultaneously.

  If you want to explore all these stylishly affordable upgrades and more in your integrated home, call us at (225) 650-7840, fill out our online contact form or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

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