How to Properly Budget for Your Audio-Video Installation


Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Planning for a New AV System

The sights, the sounds, and exciting sensations of watching a movie in your home theater – you want the best of the best for your new audio-visual system. You have a grand vision in mind. But where do you start? It’s easy to get bogged down with details as you plan for your perfect home theater, whole-home audio system, or media room. At the same time, if you don’t plan wisely, you could go way over budget.


Instead of just “winging it,” take time to do some research. A little due diligence goes a long way! Most importantly, call the experts to help - Acadian Home Theater & Automation. We help you avoid mistakes before they happen to ensure your new AV system at your home in New Orleans, LA, is amazing. Keep reading below to learn how to avoid 4 common mistakes when budgeting for an audio-video installation.


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Mistake #1: Thinking You Can Have It All

You’ve got big plans, but do you have a big budget? Even if you do, there are many factors to consider when designing a new AV system. It involves much more than installing new 4K TVs, hi-fi speakers, and projectors. You must also consider the cost of retrofitting your home for the system. That includes running wires, relocating outlets, and taking down walls when needed. No matter how small or big your budget is, you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected costs.


Ideally, the right system should be “scalable” – one that you can build upon in the future. Even if you cannot have everything you want right now, a scalable system lets you add various components as new smart technologies develop and when you have the funds to expand it.


Mistake #2: Settling For A Low-Cost System

This mistake is essentially the opposite of Mistake #1. In an effort to save money, you could end up buying cheap equipment that doesn’t perform the way you want, or it has problems down the road. You may also find that it does not “play well” with other equipment you add later.


When installing an AV system, Acadian Home Theater & Automation uses products from recognized brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Sony, Screen Innovations, and Lutron. So, you know you will enjoy the best AV system for many years to come. Make sure to depend on an experienced AV integrator who helps with your decision-making.


Mistake #3: Assuming Your Network Can Handle the Upgrade

Installing a new AV system is a complex project. One of the most overlooked aspects is your home network. With so many new devices connecting to it, have you considered if it can handle the load? Do you have enough bandwidth or Wi-Fi extenders to ensure a strong and reliable signal throughout every room?


If not, your home entertainment system will suffer. Because many aspects of your home run on the network (i.e., your mobile phones, tablets, music, TVs, smart lighting, and security systems), they need excellent connectivity to function properly. So, make sure your home network gets any needed upgrades as part of your AV project.


Mistake #4: Doing it Yourself

Even though you may have some experience at installing TVs or speakers, setting up a professional-grade AV system is completely different. Audio-video installations require specific technical knowledge of electrical systems, home network setup, proper speaker positioning, smart home integration, and much more.


It may seem like a fun (and cheaper) job, but it could turn into a big hassle and cost you more down the line to fix initial mistakes. By using a professional AV integrator, you could actually save more money than doing it yourself. That’s because an expert can accurately price their products and service to achieve your goal within budget.


Start your AV project on the right foundation by depending on Acadian Home Theater & Automation. Call us at (225) 906-2589 or complete our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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