4 Ways Motorized Shades Improve Your Sleep and Health

A couple sleeping in bed together in a dark bedroom.

Enjoy More Restful Nights With This Smart Technology Upgrade 

Many studies have shown the link between sleep and overall health, with medical professionals recommending at least seven hours of sleep per night. Not only does a good night’s sleep lower your risk for serious health problems like heart disease, but it also reduces stress, improves your overall mood, and even helps you manage your weight! 

Despite our best intentions, sometimes getting that much-needed rest is challenging. But just a few upgrades can help you create a better environment for sleep. A commonly overlooked tool is motorized shades. Here we outline some ways they become the ultimate sleeping aids in your New Orleans, LA, home. 

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Eliminate External Lighting 

The most apparent way shades help is by blocking out light when you’re trying to sleep. Take advantage of dual roller motorized shades that let you use sheer shades during the day and blackout ones at night, creating a perfect bunker-like environment for sleep. Have shades automatically close at bedtime, or use a bedside keypad to close them when you’re ready to go to bed. 

Adjust Temperature Regularly 

Never wake up covered in sweat or with your teeth clattering in the middle of the night. Deploy motorized shades that lower automatically to keep the sun’s heat out or keep your warm air insulated inside. Shades coordinate with your HVAC to ensure you retain a consistent temperature throughout the night without expending much energy. 

Sleep With Greater Peace of Mind 

One great feature of motorized shades is the ability to close or open all of them with one button press. No more startling yourself, feeling alarmed because you’re wondering if you left one open to potential Peeping Toms. We even make it easy for you to pull up your phone or touchpad and check the status of all shades from the comfort of your bed. If any are still open, close them immediately from the same device. 

Ease Yourself Out of Sleep 

Restorative sleep shouldn’t be interrupted by a blaring alarm clock. Enjoy a smooth transition into the new day with motorized shades that open to let in natural light. Outside light slowly stirs you out of your deep sleep to help you start the day refreshed. Make a custom “Wake Up” scene that opens the shades, raises the thermostat and starts your go-to-morning playlist when it’s time to get up. 


Having a great night’s sleep is vital to your health, so why not do everything you can to encourage it? Enhance your rest and well-being with professionally installed motorized window treatments. Take the first step to a better lifestyle by calling or filling out our contact form to set up a consultation with our expert shading team.

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