4 Technologies You Need for Your Conference Room Design


No Conference Room is Complete without These Essential, Advanced Components

Take your conference room into the modern era. A new and improved conference room design makes your meetings and presentations more productive. When you have 4K TVs, high-performance audio, a reliable network connection, and complete control of all the technologies, you’ll enjoy a meeting that is a problem-free event. 

Modern boardroom technology is not simply a perk; it’s a necessity. To succeed in today’s digital world, you need it to compete in business. Read our blog to learn how an updated conference room design at your business in New Orleans, LA, improves your internal and external communications.

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Audio-Video Technologies That Impress

How are your old conference room technologies working out for you? They may have served their purpose years ago, but now they can’t compare to today’s AV products. In fact, your mobile phone may have better audio-video capabilities than your conference room. Whether you’re doing a sales pitch with potential clients (in-office and remotely), meeting with business associates, or having a staff meeting, you need a conference room design that moves the needle forward and doesn’t cause frustration.

Acadian Home Theater & Automation installs the latest products that attract attention and provide outstanding performance. Say “goodbye” to garbled audio and blurry video.

Advanced systems from leading manufacturers deliver crisp audio with hi-fi speakers and visually stunning 4K TVs and projectors. For instance, a 4K UHD projector displays clear images for Zoom meetings, slide presentations, and more. Your 4K web camera, along with a robust network, lets you conduct video conferences without worrying about poor image quality.

Get Rid of the Easel and Paper Whiteboard

You’re not still using a paper whiteboard, are you? Toss it in the trash and share your ideas on a smart whiteboard. It allows you to brainstorm, share ideas, and take notes digitally and then present them on the screen or TV. Did you make a mistake? It’s easy to erase and start over without all the mess. At the end of the presentation, you can also distribute the notes digitally to all the meeting participants. It makes it so much easier on the presenter, as well as everyone else in the meeting. Easy to see, easy to use, and easy to disseminate. Most importantly, a smart whiteboard is sleek and more efficient than a typical whiteboard. A perfect upgrade for your meetings! 

Adjust Your Lights the Smart Way

Fluorescent lights may seem like the perfect lighting solution for your boardroom, but there is a better product available. LED lights are cooler, easier on the eyes, and energy-saving. Positioned in the right location, they do not cause screen glare. In addition, you can adjust the color and intensity to create a warm environment for your conferences and meetings. It makes for an all-around good experience.

With smart lighting control, you can create preset lighting scenes, such as “staff meeting” or “video presentation.” Then, by pressing a button on the wall or touchscreen panel, the lighting adjusts automatically. And don’t forget the shades! Motorized shades make it easy to achieve the lighting you want in your room. Instead of messing with cords, your smart control system lowers and raises them at your command.

Automation and Easy Control

Of course, all the conference room design technology can be integrated into one intuitive interface. With commercial automation technology, you can lower the motorized screen and projector, control the audio and TV, dim the lights, and lower the shades all from one device. It’s seamless control at your fingertips! 

Customize your conference room design with the newest technology. Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589, fill out our online contact form, or send us a message in the live chat window on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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