A Checklist for Planning Your Home Theater Installation

Home movie theater with Sony projector displaying a sunset water scene on large screen.

Must-Have Items to Make Memorable Movie Experiences

The right combination of automation, audio, and video is key to making memorable movie experiences at home, but where do you begin with planning to build such a high-quality entertainment space? Look no further than our expert team at Acadian Home Theater & Automation for tips and advice on planning the perfect home theater installation. Due to our years of experience, we can help you design the cinema room of your dreams, ready to entertain your family and friends for years to come.

Get started by reviewing the checklist below of items to consider when planning a home theater installation in your New Orleans, LA home.

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A Screen That Fits Your Space

First, you have some decisions to make regarding screen type, size, and placement. For example, would you like a 4K UHD big-screen TV, or would a projector and screen be a better option? To determine this, consult with our team. We can measure your space and distance to seating to calculate the best screen size for maximum viewing quality. 

Sound Selection

For an immersive movie experience, choose a sound system that works well within your space, such as a traditional surround sound system or a Dolby Atmos 3D listening experience. Both are great options to enhance the dramatic effects and strategic background noises that make a movie great.

It would help if you also considered how you might use acoustic features in your room to absorb sound and reduce echo. For example, carpeting, window coverings, or wall or ceiling panels can assist with sound absorption. 

Balanced Lighting

No one wants to see a glare across their viewing screen during a movie, so it is essential to ensure you control the light sources in your room - including your windows. A motorized window treatment is a solid option for directing light from your chair using a remote, smartphone, or tablet.

Placement of lighting is also a consideration, as you won’t want any lights pointing directly at the screen. Instead, consider how artificial lights could be staggered and placed in upward or downward positions to create more of a movie theater ambiance.


Simplify the use of your space with automation controls, such as a smart home app. Automation makes movie watching much more effortless and eliminates your need for multiple remotes floating around the room. Instead, connect your TV/projector, sound, lighting, climate, etc., to one smart home control that you can operate from one remote, smartphone, or tablet.


If you’re ready to move forward with planning for a home theater installation in your New Orleans, LA home, reach out to our team of home theater experts. We’d love to help you plan and install a place for memorable movie experiences.

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