What Home Audio Video Screen Is Best for Your Home?


Learn whether you need a television or a projector for your New Orleans home 

Projectors used to be too expensive to justify using in the home, but recent innovations have cause projectors to be of higher quality at a reasonable price. It is no longer easy to choose between a television screen or a projection screen. There are many factors to consider when choosing which will work best for your New Orleans, LA home. Read more to learn whether you should select a television or a projector for your home audio-video setup.



Most people use televisions to experience entertainment in their homes and for a good reason. In a media room with large windows, a TV will generally be less affected by ambient lighting than a projector. For those who are not as technically gifted, televisions are relatively easy to install. To install a projector, you must attach it to the wall or ceiling, position it correctly (which is harder than it seems), and install motors if you are using a motorized screen. They also require you to use an HDMI box, while televisions already have HDMI ports built in. TVs are easy to troubleshoot as well, while projectors are less intuitive. TVs also have higher resolutions than projectors. 4K TVs are more affordable than 4K HDR projectors. There even 8K televisions that have come out recently, while an 8K projector has yet to been released. TVs have better contrast and brightness, which means that they perform better than projectors in rooms with a lot of daylight. High brightness projectors that perform well in ambient light are expensive, and their light bulbs burn out over time, so they are less reliable in the long term.


A projector is especially useful for dedicated home theaters. The larger screen provides a more immersive experience, and because the lighting is often controlled, you won't have to worry about ambient light. Projectors work better than televisions for dark rooms because too much brightness would make your eyes hurt. Projectors also come in much larger sizes than TVs and are better shaped for watching movies. They are no longer as expensive as they once were and are more cost-efficient for those who want a huge screen. Televisions are constructed with a 16:9 ratio, so there are black bars on the screen to fit the movie in. Projectors will show your film in the correct size. Projectors can also work in media rooms with curtains or motorized shades. They can be hidden with a wall mount, ceiling pocket, or even a false wall.


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