Why Settle for an Inflexible Home Theater Installation?


Take a More Holistic Approach to Your Cinema Experience 

home theater installation shouldn’t be just about finding a dark room for your speakers and display. Instead, it's about designing a system from top to bottom that lets you enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and sports in a multi-purpose environment. That is why all our systems are custom built to match our clients’ lifestyles and entertainment preferences. Below are some of the things to consider when transforming your theater from a stuffy room into the ultimate gathering spot for family and friends in your Lafayette, LA home. 

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If you want to use your home theater for more than watching movies, it is important to consider aesthetics during your installation. When not in use, speakers and large displays can distract and take away from other activities. We recommend using in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for your surround sound and motorized screens that disappear into a niche in the ceiling when not in use. That way, it's easier to transform the space from a theater to a living room in seconds. 

Centralized Control

For that to work, you need a smart home automation system that offers seamless control. What good is a multi-purpose theater if it is hard to transform it for new applications? Enjoy centralized control of lighting, climate, AV and more, so that with one button press, your home theater prepares for your needs. 

Particularly important in this is lighting and shading control. Close shades and turn off lights to eliminate ambient light for optimal viewing during a movie marathon. If instead, you have friends over for a football game on Sunday afternoon, you likely want more lighting. This makes it easier to interact and move around while still lowering sheer shades to eliminate glare. Save your favorite settings for movies, parties, sports and more to pull them up within seconds when needed. 

High-Performance Sound 

During our home theater installations, we make sound a priority. This includes choosing high-end speakers, carefully laying them out and calibrating them based on your seating positions. In addition, we integrate acoustic panels to avoid muffled sound or echoes in some cases. 

We want you to be able to get as much out of your sound system as possible. That means offering one that not only centers you in the middle of the action but rivals the quality of a listening room as well. Whether you want to spend a night with your favorite recordings or have background music during your next dinner party, you have impressive high-performance sound to show off. 


Expand your theater’s potential with additional accessories that encourage other activities. For example, a small bar either on the side or back of the theater is ideal for entertaining guests. In theaters with ample space, billiard tables are another go-to for clients who like to get in a game while watching sports or listening to music.


There's no reason your theater shouldn't be able to host a myriad of activities. Enjoy it just the way you want with a custom installation from our AV experts. Reach out by calling us, filling out our contact form or chatting below to set up a one-on-one consultation. 

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