Introducing DuoLite Motorized Shades by Hunter Douglas

A sunroom equipped with Hunter Douglas motorized shades.

Control the Privacy and Light in Your Home With Luxury Designer Shades

People want homes with beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light. But while natural light is fantastic,it can be hard to control in your home. With many window treatments, you can either have them open to let the light in or closed to keep the light out. There’s no in-between setting unless you have a sheer window covering, but they don’t provide any privacy.

With Hunter Douglas’ new Duolite roller shade system, you don’t have to choose between full and no light. Instead, your motorized shades can have two fabrics to better manage the light and privacy in any space. Keep reading to learn what DuoLite motorized shades can bring to your home in Tampa, FL. 

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Total Light Control

Sometimes, having your window treatments open lets in too much light, but closing them makes the room feel too dark. With DuoLite, you can use the light-filtering sheer or semi-sheer fabric to limit the amount of light that comes into your home while still enjoying the view from your window and allowing some natural light in the home. 

Your window will also be layered with a blackout curtain. So if you don’t want any outside light getting into your room when sleeping or watching a movie, you can bring the blackout fabric down. No light will get in, and your home will still look elegant.

Increased Privacy

Sheer and semi-sheer fabrics are great for filtering light and striking a balance of natural light. However, if your windows are only covered with a sheer fabric, it’s hard to get any privacy. Sheer shades allow you to see outside your window, but they also allow others to see inside. 

Having two shades in one window allows natural light to come in one minute and total privacy the next when needed. With Hunter Douglass’ DuoLite, you just need to bring down the blackout curtain, and the interior of your home will be totally private.


Having two fabrics in one window may sound hard to control, but Hunter Douglas makes it easy. The DuoLite system is motorized, so the provided remote easily lets you choose which shade to adjust. You can also download the PowerView app or integrate it into your smart home automation system. Then you’ll be able to control your shades on the same platform you use to manage the rest of your smart home. 


Striking a balance between natural light and privacy couldn’t be easier with Hunter Douglas motorized shades. Contact Acadian Home Theater and Automation if you want to learn more about how DuoLite could work in your home. We are certified Hunter Douglass dealers and can help install the perfect system into your Tampa, FL, home.


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