Home Theater or Media Room: What Do You Really Need?

Customized home theater with white leather seating and big screen mounted on the wall.

Learn the differences, pros and features in home entertainment when choosing a home theater over a media room.

When looking to start a home theater design project, many questions often arise. The design is a critical element since this process is where you decide the direction of the project and the specifications for all that it entails. Although the market offers an endless number of options for a home theater or media room, it is up to you to decide what you and your family really need. Read on to learn more about a home theater for your Tampa, FL home and how it differs from a media room.



You probably have some type of media room in your home; typically it is a living area where you can watch sports, series or even listen to music when you get together with your family. While the audio and video in this room can offer excellent performance, a home theater is typically a space designated exclusively for a bigger scaled, more immersive entertainment experience.

Unlike a typical media room, a home theater enables a higher level of audio performance through the use of acoustic treatments. In addition, you can integrate lighting systems to create scenes similar to a conventional movie theater, fully controlled through your smartphone or tablet. Although multimedia rooms offer functionality for many purposes, a home theater is designed to focus on audio and video entertainment.


Some options available for your home theater that might be harder to integrate into your media room are larger screens and projectors. You can install screens that cover an entire wall in your theater, such as the 150-inch plus screens that allow you to enjoy high resolution and vibrant colors that, in combination with your sound system, will give you the many memorable movie nights. Although you can incorporate a high-resolution, anti-reflective screen in your multimedia room, there is nothing like enjoying a good movie in a completely light-controlled environment.

Some of the ancillary systems you can also incorporate in your home theater are automated climate control, lighting, and window treatments for those home theaters with windows. Managhe every aspect of your home theater through a smart device, dimming the lights, playing the movie, turning up the volume to the ideal level for the content, and setting  climate control for a cool and pleasant environment.


Unlike your media room, which is often used for multiple purposes, your designated home theater will be completely designed to entertain and deliver impressive audio and video. From the beginning of the project, you'll be able to choose everything such as screens, architectural speakers that blend with your aesthetics, video projection systems, and custom seating. If you like a more conventional style, tiered seating with theater recliners might suit your needs, or if you prefer, we can install sofa and lounge seating with furniture to accommodate snacks and drinks.

Every detail of your home theater can be customized and tailored to completely exceed your entertainment needs and expectations. You can enjoy the movies and entertainment like never before from the comfort of your home!

If you are ready to start your home theater design, contact us or fill out our online form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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