What Makes for a Great Home Theater Screen?


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Home theater designs often focus on the high-end electronics in the room. Usually, people spend big money on their displays, projectors, speakers and AV receivers and skimp on the rest. Naturally, they care about the television they put in the room or what type of projector they use. Those that choose projectors, though, sometimes think they can skimp on the screen.

Do screens even matter if you have a top tier projector? Yes. Relying on entry-level screens, or in some extreme cases the wall itself, will negate all the benefits you're getting from that high-performance 4K projector. Each design will be different, but we outline some of the things you need to consider when searching for the perfect screen for your Lafayette, LA home. 

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Every home theater screen has a specific gain. Opt for high-gain models if you want a brighter image. This will be vital in a room with ambient lighting where a higher gain (and brighter projector) will keep your picture from washing out. During your home theater design, it’s important to note that higher gain also limits your viewing angle, so you'll need seating to be right in front of the screen. 


Contrary to popular belief, not all home theater screens are white. Some manufacturers offer gray screens that provide better contrast and deeper blacks. At Screen Innovations, they take it a step further with their Black Diamond ambient light rejecting screen. Not only does it provide 900% better contrast than its competitors, but the dark screen can reject up to 85% of ambient lighting.

Screen Size

Your screen size plays a vital role in your home theater design. Displays that are too small mean missing a lot of the detail, while displays that are too large could result in pixelation and eye strain. Even though most Screen Innovations screens are available from 80 to 160” in size, some offer fewer variations. As your go-to home theater company, we’ll ensure the model you want has the ideal size for your space.

Fixed vs. Motorized

Screen Innovations offers both fixed and motorized models. Typically, this choice has to do more with your room’s style or size limitations than the direct quality of the image.  Although some lower-end motorized models may cause wrinkles that affect the image, SI screens are equally reliable in each variety. Do you want to hide your screen from view when not in use? Having a motorized screen allows you to conceal your display within a niche in the ceiling or media furniture.


Acoustics may be the last thing on your mind when choosing a screen but bear with us. Usually, clients are looking for unique ways to hide their home theater speakers. Going with an acoustically transparent screen is a great way to do that. Have speakers sit directly behind the screen for a sleeker design and sound that matches up perfectly with the image.


Experience the best quality in your home theater by pairing your high-end projector with an SI screen. The AV experts on our team will design the ultimate viewing environment in your home. Reach out by calling (225) 906-2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below to set up a consultation.

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