How to Enjoy the Cinema Experience in the Comfort of Home

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Our Media Room Designs Let You Watch Your Entertainment on Your Terms 

Unfortunately for cinemas nationwide—including industry giant Regal, which filed for bankruptcy in September 2021–people are realizing the perks of watching movies from home. They’re tired of increasingly limited viewing times, overpriced popcorn, freezing temperatures, and poor audio and video quality. On the other hand, they realize you no longer need a dedicated movie theater for a viewing environment that rivals or exceeds the local cinema experience. 

For homeowners in New Orleans, LA, where real estate space may be limited, a multi-purpose media room design is the perfect cinema replacement. This blog highlights some of the main reasons why it’s time to embrace a multi-purpose media room for watching movies. 

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Watch on Your Schedule 

Having to plan your day around an inconvenient movie time is terrible. Either you get up early to catch the matinee, or you have to fiddle with your dinner schedule to fit two hours into your evening. An expertly designed media room makes starting and stopping movies at your convenience easy. With the press of a button, the motorized shades lower, lights dim, and the AV system powers up. Kick off where you left off the next day just as quickly and even continue in another room if you’d rather watch before bed or outdoors on a lovely spring day. 

Access Thousands of Titles 

Even the biggest cineplexes tend to show little more than a dozen movies at a time, with blockbuster releases taking up multiple theaters. Meanwhile, most streaming services offer first-run movies just weeks after their official release. Each day these same services are releasing more award-winning original content. Streaming services combined with high-end media servers like Kaleidescape offer access to thousands of titles at your fingertips. Have your choice of the most talked-about releases and your go-to classics all in the same place with controls that let you easily pick what you want to watch across all your media sources. 

High-Performance Audio & Video 

Experience the best audio and video quality without needing a dedicated viewing space. Most AV manufacturers offer sleek, high-performance solutions ideal for multi-purpose media rooms. Hide speakers from companies like B&W and Focal within walls and ceilings for sound you feel but don’t see. Add ultra-short throw projectors from Sony that sit inches from the screen but still deliver 4K images up to 150”. Our team of experts will expertly calibrate your equipment based on ambient lighting, space limitations, and reflective surfaces. 


Some blockbusters are best viewed in a cinema environment, but for most families, the best way to watch movies now is from the comfort of home. Find out how our media room designs deliver a stellar viewing experience without needing a dedicated theater space. Reach out by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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