Premium Sound System Installation: Where Form Meets Function


Get the Stunning Sound Quality You Want with the Design Features You Love

When some people think of a sound system, large subwoofers and obtrusive speakers come to mind. Add to that messy cords and bulky amplifiers, and you have the recipe for an unattractive media center. It doesn’t need to be that way, though. Today’s modern audio equipment is built to provide stellar sound quality while blending in beautifully with your home décor.

Whether you enjoy the look of loudspeakers and luxury audio systems or prefer virtually hidden architectural speakers, you can enjoy music in your home without making it an eyesore. Read more to learn how Acadian Home Theater & Automation in New Orleans, LA, provides sound system installation for stunning audio and stylish living.

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Speakers That Enhance Your Space

Years ago, audiophiles loved to show off their equipment. Mammoth speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, and all the electronics – all exposed for the world to see. The problem is that they took up space, and they weren’t particularly appealing to others who lived in the same home. How things have changed over the years! Now, audio equipment is sleeker, smaller, and more stylish than ever before.

For instance, Sonus Faber offers speaker cabinets that are works of art. Their speakers showcase the traditional craftsmanship of Italian artisans. The elegant aesthetics of Sonus Faber’s audio equipment remarkably improve your home décor. Available in several polished finishes – wood, metal gray, white, and black – the speakers complement any style. From loudspeakers and bookshelf speakers to wireless speakers, Sonus Faber’s products make a positive statement in your home rather than detract from its ambiance.

High-End Audio That Is Heard and Not Seen

Maybe you want a sleeker look, or you’d rather hear the music but not see the speakers. That’s fine too! Origin Acoustics builds audio equipment with one purpose: to deliver pristine sound while blending in with your décor. Architectural (hidden) speakers are concealed behind discreet grills that match the color of your wall or ceiling. Instead of being obtrusive, they provide astonishing audio performance without drawing attention to the equipment.

These in-wall and in-ceiling speakers give you hi-fi audio without the clutter. Not only can the speaker grills be painted, but Acadian Home Theater & Automation can completely conceal them with drywall without diminishing sound quality. Many other manufacturers build premium architectural speakers, such as Focal, Dynaudio, and Bowers & Wilkins.


Which speaker system is right for you? Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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