How Professional Home Audio Video Transforms Movie Nights


Make the Most of Your Family Time with Our Home Entertainment Systems 

A movie night is the perfect way to bring the family together, whether to settle down the kids after dinner or connect with adult children when they visit. No matter what movie you watch, it's a way for everyone to spend time together. Despite that, many people settle for home audio video systems that ruin the experience before it even gets going. Maybe it's being stuck watching in a room that isn't comfortable for everyone or wasting half the night trying to get the movie to play. If you're looking for ways to make your New Orleans home more movie-night-friendly, we can help!  

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Make Movie Night Happen Anywhere

The razzle and dazzle of a dedicated home theater is still the best way to enjoy your family movies. Recline in your theater seating and enjoy the scenes on a larger-than-life screen. At times, though, having to head to your dedicated theater creates a mental block for family members. For those times, our AV installs featuring in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and 4K ultra-short-throw projectors transform your living room into a more convenient cinematic experience. Even take in the beautiful spring and fall weather in New Orleans with outdoor home theater installations that offer viewings under the stars. 

Find a Movie Everyone Will Love 

Are movie nights stalled trying to find a movie to watch? No need to swap inputs or apps to watch a movie with our centralized audio-video systems. Pull up Netflix, Kaleidescape, cable, or your Blu-ray player from one app or handheld remote. If you start a Blu-ray disc in one room, it's easy to continue where you left off in another. Despite our best efforts (or because of them?), we know families still struggle to choose from all their movie options. We have some tips: 

  • Pick the genre you want to watch before settling in and an ideal length for the movie. 
  • Set a time limit for how long the family has to choose. 
  • Have a person responsible for making the final decision (cycle this person each movie night). 

Experience Cinema-Quality Audio and Video 

All that content would go to waste in a subpar theater environment. Whether you're curled up on the couch or your theater recliners, the experience should exceed that of your commercial theater in video and sound quality. We deliver immersive audio and dynamic video through expert design, high-end AV components, and careful calibration. Not only do we partner with the best companies in the audio and video industries, like Sony and Bowers & Wilkins, but with our expertise, we ensure our AV installations meet both your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. 

Ready to elevate your movie nights with a professional home entertainment system? Don't let technical difficulties dampen your family time. Call us or fill out our contact form for a solution that brings cinema-quality entertainment to your home. 


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