How We Design a Home Theater for Optimal Performance

A home theater featuring two rows of seating, a large screen, and special blue acoustic panels on the walls.


Are you looking to add a theater to your Baton Rouge, LA, home? While tackling the project on your own may be tempting, a home theater design requires more than purchasing top-rated screens, projectors, and speakers. 

Get a fabulous acoustic and visual performance by working with a professional home theater installer! In this blog, we'll explore how we help you achieve the best possible viewing experience, from boosting the room's acoustics to finding the AV components that match your needs. 

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We optimize a room's acoustic performance by analyzing the room's dimensions, shape, and other characteristics, such as wall material and layout. Using specialized acoustic design software to model the space, we determine the best placement for speakers, sound-absorbing materials, and diffusers. We also sometimes recommend soundproofing measures to prevent external noise from interfering with the home theater experience.


Once we've perfected the acoustics in the room, it's time to add a high-quality surround sound system. We'll pick out high-performance speakers, subwoofers, and AV receivers needed to deliver immersive 3D sound. We'll then consider your room parameters and seating preferences when deciding speaker placement. The last step is calibrating your equipment with final equalization and setting adjustments. 


We'll work with our leading-edge partners to find the best projectors, screens, and video sources based on your preferences. Based on your seating distance and ideal viewing angle, we'll recommend the ideal screen size and placement. Then, it's time for the final calibrations adjusting brightness, color and contrast. We'll create preset modes for different content like sports and movies, all geared to the room's size and ambient lighting. 


One of the perks of a professionally-installed theater is that it's tailored to your specific needs. We consider the size and shape of your room, your desired seating arrangement, and your budget when crafting your theater. As outlined above, that means a plan focused on acoustic and visual performance so you get the best possible home theater experience.


What good is a home theater if it's not in tip-top shape for the big game or the latest movie release? Take advantage of our service plans to keep your theater performing optimally over time. These include 24/7 phone support, remote repair, and app control. Through remote troubleshooting, we keep any downtime to a minimum. 


Make the most of your favorite movies and TV shows with a professionally installed home theater. Designed with AV performance and comfort in mind, our theaters deliver endless entertainment for your family. Call, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to meet with our expert team.


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