How to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Conference Room AV


Tips That Will Impress Your Employees and Even Reduce Turnover

One common complaint about meetings is that they take too much time. We have all been victim to meetings that should have been emails. However, you can minimize the total time spend in your Baton Rouge, LA, conference room by streamlining operations before you start each session. Not only that, but you can also impress the employees that work so hard for your business with updated audio and video systems.

With our help and the power of conference room AV from Crestron, Control4, Sony and more, your company can reclaim more productive meetings and keep your employees engaged. Keep reading to see which upgrades and products we think should take priority.

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Improved Audio

Nothing says out-of-date boardroom audio equipment like speakers littered all over the main table, and employees take notice. Not only will in-ceiling and in-wall speakers cut out the boardroom clutter, but you’ll also get your audience fully immersed into the presentation, allowing improved brainstorming sessions.

Similar to a home movie experience, where sound surrounds you in all directions, hidden speakers encompassing the room keep more eyes on the presentation. If you prefer, we can even minimize your microphones, choosing a single mic with broad sound-pickup capacity.

Your employees will thank you because there are few office scenarios more frustrating than straining to hear the speaker. Especially when a vital meeting depends on collaboration. Have you thought about how you are minimizing audio distractions? Improving your employees’ audio experience doesn’t help much if they’re experiencing distracting outside noise. Eliminate this problem with soundproofing solutions like acoustic panels.


Vivid Video

Whether you prefer a 4K projector or a conference room TV to show off the latest numbers, we’re here to help.

If you’ve considered a 4K projector, we commend you. Nothing draws people into a presentation like seeing it cover an entire wall. We highly recommend Sony’s VPL-VW1100ES Native 4K 3D SXRD. Despite its size, a projector can actually save wall space by retracting into the wall when you’re finished. Prefer a TV? Outfitted with Alexa voice control, tons of smart apps, Ethernet connectivity and impeccably high resolution, you can’t go wrong with Sony’s XBR75X900E.

Either way, don’t forget to protect your investment with glare-reducing technology so employees can see the presentation. From shades to lighting control, Acadian can assess your lighting and find anti-glare solutions that work with the room’s windows and natural brightness.


Intuitive Controls

We’ll be honest -- your employees don’t want to waste a lot of time learning how to use your boardroom technology, shifting through wires and figuring out what each keypad does. Mitigate this common issue with Control4’s wireless, commercial solutions or Crestron’s AirMedia. With either of these systems, one-touch meeting setup becomes possible.

Just before your meeting, you or a colleague can press one button, and the presentation screen will turn on, shades lower and lights dim, which means each meeting can finally start on time, every time. Employees will never have to guess which switch turns on the TV, lights or audio - sparing frustrations that drain employee morale.


Time for a Change?

Looking to upgrade the commercial audio video of your Baton Rouge, LA, office? Find out what conference room AV equipment will work best for you and your employees by contacting one of our specialists at 225-650-7840 or by filling out our online form.


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[…] SEE ALSO: How to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Conference Room AV […]

[…] SEE ALSO: How to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Conference Room AV […]
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