Why Choose Acadian for Your Home Theater Installation?

Creating or Updating Your Home Theater? Here’s Why You Should Call Us.

At Acadian Home Theater and Automation we are proud to have earned a CE Pro Top 100 Integrator award for seven years in a row. Did you know that we are also the only winner in the entire state of Louisiana? It took a lot of dedication to get us where we are and we are happy to be the best choice for your home theater installation needs.

So, whether you want to create an entirely new home theater or update some of your AV equipment, Acadian promises a solution that will ensure exceptional service and complementary design that backs up our hard-earned industry reputation. Keep reading to see some top advantages of an Acadian home theater installation for your New Orleans, LA, home.

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We’re Control4 Diamond Partners

In addition to the CE Pro recognition, Acadian Home Theater & Automation is also recognized as the only Diamond Control 4 Dealer within the state of Louisiana. This award honors those who exemplify excellence and dedication to the custom installation channel by Control4, a reputable leader in residential and commercial automation systems.

We Create A Plan With You And For You

The best-laid strategy starts by listening to you and what you want from your home theater, not blindly following the trends we’ve noticed in the industry. Accordingly, we then educate our clients about what works for their particular home theater and how we can help bring that dream to life.

Then, we build a proven, practical solution that meets our client’s every need using a robust, easy-to-operate system that home theater users will love. We don’t stop there though! After we’ve laid the installation framework, we show you how to use each one of the systems and provide continuous support over time: We check in with you regularly to make sure that your systems are still performing as expected and answer any questions you have.

We Work With The Details

We don’t think your home theater is complete without the extra features that enhance your comfort, such as the plush, comfy furniture, the snack bar, popcorn machine, beanbag chairs, video gaming accessories -- anything to create the desired effect.

We even handle the interior design details to make sure your vision all ties together perfectly -- from your motorized shade style to your floor coverings.

We Perform Outdoor Installations, Too

Spring and summer provide prime entertaining opportunities for enjoying movies and music on the patio and by the pool, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about enhancing your home’s outdoor entertainment.

Exterior AV installations add many challenges to the installation process. For example, we have to worry about weatherproofing, blending technology into nature, protecting expensive investments like outdoor TVs and so much more.

Not to mention, outdoor setups involve much more than wiring -- they require careful planning regarding which lighting needs you have when watching TV. For example, if you want a TV in a sunny area, we’ll need to consider lighting and shading that reduces glare or an ultra-bright, backlit TV, so you never miss a second of action. We manage every detail when helping our clients -- a quality that truly sets us apart from the rest.

To learn more about Acadian’s home theater installation solutions and experience award-winning expertise in your home, call us at (225) 650-7840, fill out our online contact form or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

We look forward to talking to you!

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[…] SEE ALSO: Why Choose Acadian For Your Home Theater Installation? […]

[…] SEE ALSO: Why Choose Acadian For Your Home Theater Installation? […]
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