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Which Commercial Audio Video Solution is Best for You?

Projectors Vs. Displays: Which Is Ideal for Your New Orleans Office?


The last few years have seen dramatic strides in the world of commercial audio video, with manufacturers creating new products that take advantage of automated technology while also delivering high-quality sound and picture. Conference rooms are rapidly evolving into smart conference rooms, with commercial control systems bringing all the technology together for expanded connectivity and streamlined functionality.

Flat-panel displays and projectors are now standard presentation technologies for businesses all around New Orleans, but which one will benefit your office the most? Read on to learn about which spaces are ideal for which product and how the technology satisfies different conference room needs.


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Size Matters

Just how big is your conference room space? Size is a major deciding factor in choosing between a flat-panel display and a projector, and if you have a space that seats over 12 people, you’ll want to go with the latter. Sure, you could invest in the world’s largest flat-panel display—Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HDTV—but the high cost and installation challenges make it far less attractive than an HD projector.

Instead of taking up an entire wall with a display, you have an easy-to-install projector on the ceiling that projects onto a pull-down screen, which can be customized to the dimensions of your space. This is also helpful for conference rooms that might have unconventional dimensions, providing a flexible solution that saves wall space.

For smaller conference rooms, a flat-panel display will usually work just fine. Those smaller spaces also might not be compatible with a projector because there’s not enough space between the screen and the machine.


Versatility of Technology

Projectors deliver size and save space, but a flat-panel display will give you more functionality. While there have been advances in lightbulbs that make burnouts less frequent, that’s still something to worry about with projectors, so you don’t want to keep them on at all time. That’s not a concern for flat-panel displays, which can stay powered on to serve as digital signage for your company when not in use for presentations.

Projectors tend to have very poor audio capabilities, and if your conference room isn’t outfitted with a commercial audio system, you probably want to steer away from sound-heavy presentations. Flat-panel displays have better sound, and you can easily add a soundbar to the display to amplify its audio performance.


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Looking to upgrade the commercial audio video of your New Orleans office? Find out if projectors or flat-panel displays are best for you by contacting one of our specialists at 225-650-7840 or by filling out our online form.