3 Perks of Upgrading Your Conference Room AV

Employees congregate on a wooden boardroom table in front of two displays, one featuring a video call and the other a digital presentation.

Perfect Your Meetings with Cutting-Edge, Easy-to-Use Technology

Streamlining communications in a business is always a priority, but as hybrid workplaces become the new normal in Baton Rouge, LA, and around the country, it’s becoming more important than ever. Are you creating an environment in your office that lets both in-house and remote employees collaborate? Your office likely needs an upgrade to boost productivity, employee performance and client and employee retention. This blog highlights three unique benefits of embracing the latest conference room AV technology.

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Integrate Remote Employees with Zoom Rooms 

Remote employees are now an integral part of almost every workspace. Over the past few years, Zoom has become the go-to meeting platform for remote work. The good news is you don’t have to abandon this tool as your company transitions to a hybrid work environment. 

In a hybrid office, you can leverage this software through Zoom Rooms. These rooms combine the effortless video conferencing and media sharing native to Zoom with easy-to-use, in-person collaboration tools. This includes integrated room control, cameras, HD displays, and microphone arrays. The result is a professional but easy-to-use environment.

Enjoy Seamless Meeting On/Meeting Off Controls 

Now that your conference room is being used more, it shouldn’t take someone from IT to set up a meeting. Instead, a Zoom Room provides conference room AV technology which is easy to use. Collaboration platforms like Control4 let you manage not just AV components but also lights, shades and climate through one device. 

Our boardroom automation systems let you save your go-to settings for a wide range of meetings (i.e., training, product development, client meetings) and pull them up with one button press. A “Meeting Off” button also turns everything off when you’re ready to leave to save energy and easily transition the room to the next team.

Optimize Your Audio and Video Performance 

High-performance hardware makes a Zoom Room stand out from simply using the software on your laptop. So move away from using laptop cameras and microphones or tabletop speakers. Instead, upgrade to dedicated conference room AV technology designed for interruption-free collaboration. Our AV specialists will advise you on the best tools, such as:

  • Wide-angle cameras that provide a full view of the room
  • Microphones that remove ambient noise to better focus on the speaker
  • Discrete architectural speakers that provide powerful sound without taking away from your office’s professional look
  • Multiple HD displays—to show video participants on one and shared content on the other


Keep employees engaged and attract new clients with a professionally installed conference room AV system. Explore the best options for your space by reaching out to one of our AV specialists. Call, chat with us below or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation. 

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