The Importance of the Right Smart Home Infrastructure

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Smart Home Automation Offers Greater Reliability and Flexibility

Finding the right technology for your home in Tampa, FL, can be daunting. Each day new products come out offering the best in lighting, entertainment, security and more. But, are you sure you’re choosing the products you need? Do the ones you chose work well together? Do you know which professionals to hire for help? 

The best way to approach this challenge is to hire a tech professional to design a smart home automation system that incorporates all the latest technology. This will help you avoid too many chefs in the kitchen in two ways. First, just one person is installing your technology instead of multiple contractors. Secondly, you can control everything from one place instead of relying on various apps or control devices. 

Below are the two primary benefits of working with Acadian Home Theater & Automation to install your smart home infrastructure.

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Centralized Control & Distribution 

The two primary benefits of smart home automation are centralized control and distribution. The first part is pretty self-explanatory. You can manage lights, audio, video, shades, climate and more from one place. Centralize control through elegant on-wall keypads, mobile apps, dedicated touchpads or voice assistants. 

Centralized distribution is all about decluttering your space and streamlining your technology. For example, you can have one media server stored in an AV closet and use it to listen to music in any room of your home. Similarly, distribute the signal from one Blu-ray player to one TV or all the TVs in your home. Central distribution reduces the number of components in each room and makes it easy to take your media with you as you move around the house.

Scalable Solution That Grows with You 

Using one contractor for all your smart home technology needs has one other perk: it’s easy to expand. When we run wires at the start of the project, we use future-proof cabling and include additional ports to make room for more devices. Whether you want to add a TV to the bedroom, incorporate more speakers with your surround sound system, or integrate tunable lighting, we’re here to help. Since we have extensive documentation for your project, it’s easy to make changes. 

We also recommend taking advantage of our ongoing maintenance plans. Through these plans, we monitor all the devices on your network remotely to track their status, and our technicians receive immediate alerts if any issues occur. In addition, they’ll often resolve problems remotely with a simple restart before you notice any downtime. 

If any firmware updates are available, we install them for you. This is vital to incorporate any security matches and get you access to any new features. We’ll even let you know if any equipment upgrades make sense for you!

Never settle for a disjointed smart home solution. At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we deliver robust, tailormade smart home automation systems matched to your lifestyle. So call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to learn more or set up a consultation. 

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