4 Benefits of Working With a Control4 Dealer

4 Benefits of Working With a Control4 Dealer

Invest in the Best Smart Technology for Your Home 

Now is the perfect time to start considering ways to upgrade your home for the new year. Don’t focus all your efforts on the usual kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Bring the ultimate convenience, comfort, and safety with smart home technology. 

Experience the ultimate smart home environment by working with a Control4 dealer. We highlight four reasons why working with a certified expert is the best way to bring authentic luxury living to your Tampa, FL, home. 

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New Technology Available for You to Test Drive 

Are you eager to start your smart home journey but need to figure out what technology would suit your lifestyle? Explore the latest Control4 features in our certified showroom. You will get first access to any new lighting, AV, and security features firsthand, and you will also get a better feel for which control options you’re most comfortable with. Enjoy one-on-one demos with our team and personal guidance on what to include. 

Your Favorite Devices Experienced in a New Way 

You don’t have to part ways with existing smart home devices if you upgrade to Control4. Our expert technicians know the best ways to integrate the over 15,000 smart devices compatible with Control4. Nest thermostats, Ring doorbell cameras, and Sonos speakers, for example, all work within the ecosystem. During our initial meetings, we will advise you on which to bring over to your new system and let you know if any dealer-exclusive products may be better replacements for these devices. 

Experienced Technicians Deliver Seamless Installations

The best Control4 installations stay out of sight until you’re ready to use them. Wiring remains hidden within walls and ceilings, and speakers are wall and ceiling-mounted to reduce clutter. Entertainment systems are consolidated to keep most components (AV receivers, cable boxes, etc.) hidden in AV closets. Even displays are camouflaged through special mounts. All on-wall keypads and dimmers are flush mounted and finished with colors that match their surroundings to protect your interior decor further. 

Access to Assistance and Ongoing Maintenance

Even under the best circumstances, technology needs love and care to perform at its best. Each installation includes service plans featuring remote monitoring, routine maintenance visits, and priority support. Your Control4 dealer will be intimately familiar with your system and be able to identify and resolve issues quickly—especially since we’ll have the original design documentation available to our team. 


Control4 offers a world of possibilities when you work with the right partner. Have one of our certified dealers meet with you to get to know your needs and design a system tailored to them. Schedule a meeting by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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