3 Awesome Benefits of Professionally Installed Outdoor Audio

Coastal Source bullet speaker sitting behind a rock and among surrounding foliage.

Enjoy a High-Performance Audio System That is Easy to Use 

New Orleans offers beautiful weather to enjoy your outdoor spaces–particularly in the fall and spring. Whether having a drink on your deck or a dip in the pool during a hot day, it feels great to leave the confines of your four walls. And in a town so rich in musical history, it’s hard to deny that outdoor festivities are much better with the right soundtrack. 

Recreate the sounds of your favorite brass band or listen to the latest Saints broadcast as you enjoy the fresh air with a professionally installed outdoor audio system. With the help of our AV specialists, it is easier than ever to listen to what you want whenever you want.

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Outdoor Rated Equipment Built to Last for Years 

New Orleans is a town full of big weather fluctuations: from the mugginess of summer to the rare freezing temperatures in winter. So we work with IP-rated speakers from Coastal Source with solid brass enclosures, which withstand extreme temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about heat or cold ruining them. They’re also able to handle water and debris. Leave them out all year, and use them anytime without worrying about damage.

Even Coverage Throughout Your Outdoor Areas

These speakers are more powerful than indoor ones, with a directional sound that cuts through ambient noise. Coastal Source’s Plug & Play cabling system makes it easy to add as many speakers as needed to get full sound coverage. We recommend lining your backyard with bullet speakers and adding more powerful bollard ones by the pool and patio. The more speakers you have, the less you have to amp up the volume to hear. Not only will you be able to listen further away from the speakers, but it also means fewer complaints from the neighbors.

Access to Your Favorite Media Sources 

One of the trickiest parts of outdoor audio is getting access to your media sources. You shouldn’t take components like media players and turntables outside, so how can you listen to them on your outdoor audio system? That’s where a professional steps in to help. First, we’ll connect your outdoor speakers to any indoor source: online streaming, CD players, turntables and digital libraries. Then, we’ll make it easy for you to control via a waterproof remote or mobile app. Find what you want to hear, choose where you want to listen, and adjust the volume all from the same place.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing outdoor entertainment systems. Our AV experts will design a solution tailored to your needs based on how you listen, stylistic preferences and more. To get started, set up a meeting with us by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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