Why Lighting Design Needs to Be Part of Your New Construction

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Plan for Your Lighting Early for Optimal Installation & Performance 

As you design your dream home, you’ve likely collaborated with architects, designers, builders and electricians. Unfortunately, lighting designers are often left out, their duties delegated to architects and designers instead. Architects and designers do a great job, but when there’s not one person solely tasked with your lighting, it’s easy to miss things. 

Since lighting is vital to your day-to-day life, it deserves the proper attention. Our lighting experts ensure the plan for your Tampa, FL, home considers aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Find out why lighting design is so vital and why you should work with a professional from the start for optimal results. 

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The Importance of Lighting Design 

Not only is lighting vital for styling your home—making colors pop, highlighting high-end furnishings, and showcasing architectural features–but it should also boost your mood, protect your home and facilitate everyday tasks. So how do you get your lighting to do all that? Designing a lighting solution that accomplishes all these goals requires more than choosing the right fixtures. 

Our team helps you select fixtures and advise you on their placement, but we’ll also consider the type of light you’re using. That’s why integrating lighting control is just as important. We make it easy for you to adjust intensity and color temperature to best suit your space. Then we save those settings into your system so that you can pull them up at any time. These preset scenes can correspond to a specific room or activity and be changed as needed in the future. 

Why You Need to Incorporate it Early 

Coordinating with builders, architects, and designers is a huge part of our work. However, it’s only possible if we’re brought into the mix early. First, an early start allows for our initial cost analysis to be incorporated into your overall budget. Second, we need to be there before construction starts to have better leeway on our design. A simple example is working with architects and builders to have enough room in the ceiling to place fixtures where needed.

Not only do we have to worry about fixture placement, but the lighting control systems that are vital to the design require extensive wiring. After meeting with you and coming up with a tailored lighting design, we’ll develop comprehensive schematics showcasing where fixtures, wiring, keypads, and modules need to go. We will share these with all other contractors for a cohesive installation that stays within the timeline and budget. 


Set yourself up for success by reaching out to one of our lighting experts for your new construction! It all starts with a one-on-one consultation with our team. So get started today by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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