Should You Choose A Media Room or Home Theater Installation?


Learn which is a better fit for your Mandeville, LA home

Are you interested in upgrading your home entertainment experience? Two popular options are media rooms and home theaters. But which one is right for your home? Learn whether you should go with a media room or home theater installation for your Mandeville, LA home.




Media Room Benefits


Media rooms are better for people who want to socialize while watching their favorite media. Home theaters are dark, so it is difficult to hold a conversation, while media rooms often have circular seating conducive to talking and passing snacks. If you are planning on throwing movie night parties, a media room will be a better fit.

More Options

A media room is more versatile than a home theater. You can easily rearrange your furniture for a video game tournament or even a board game night. Home theaters are built in a way that makes them difficult to rearrange. Consider a media room if you would like to use it for a broader range of activities.


A home theater takes up a lot of space. You will usually need an entire room dedicated to housing all of its equipment. A media room can easily double as a living or family room. You only need a quality television and stellar audio equipment, which can be placed anywhere in the house.

Home Theater Benefits

Resale Value

Homeowners have begun expecting the best of the best when it comes to their home media experience. Realtors report that when presented with two houses of equal value, homeowners are more likely to choose the home with an updated home theater. You can also consider the home theater when pricing your home, as it will likely increase its value.

Specialized Equipment

In a media room, your furniture and technology need to be versatile. In a home theater, it is dedicated to the home theater experience. A cinema-style chair will allow you to recline and put your drink in a cupholder, while a couch might get uncomfortable for extended movie viewings. Audio equipment can be placed in precisely the right area to provide high-quality audio, and you can invest in a large projector screen to see your movies on the big screen.

Specialized Room Design

You can build a home theater in a room with no windows, preventing glare from ruining your viewing experience. You can add acoustic panels, specialty carpet, and other home theater specific equipment. There are more lighting options for a home theater, as you can program lights to dim when you turn on your movie.


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Guest - Matt Thames (website) on Thursday, 20 February 2020 18:03

Great post. Either way, you need to make sure you have the best components and cables for your space.

Great post. Either way, you need to make sure you have the best components and cables for your space.
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