How to Host the Spookiest Halloween Party with a Home AV System

Employ These AV Tips for an Unforgettable Evening 

Now that summer is behind us, not only is it time to embrace autumn but the holiday season as well. And what better holiday to kick things off than zany and spooky All Hallow's Eve? Crafting the right Halloween mood in your Baton Rouge, LA home is essential whether you want to go the cheesy route or truly terrify your neighbors. Even though the focus will be on your creepy decorations, we've all watched enough scary movies to know the sound effects are just as important!

Execute the ultimate haunted house or chilling night of entertainment by incorporating your home audio video into the mix. From spine-curling screams that terrorize anyone walking by to insidious soundtracks that leave everyone on edge, these are just some of the ways your technology provides a bag full of tricks for you to use this Halloween.

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Embrace Some Motion-Activated Spooks

It all starts with the right curb appeal. The second people pass by your house, the Halloween energy should come through loud and clear. Now is the time to pull out every trick and treat in the book to create a spooktastic atmosphere outside your house. You'll want to incorporate some Jack o' Lanterns, ghosts, and witches strategically placed on your yard.

Take things a step further with some motion-activated audiovisuals as well! When someone steps on to your driveway, a series of screams emanate from discreetly hidden landscape speakers. If you want to go all out, put a projection screen on your garage that plays scary scenes as people approach. Rest assured guests and trick or treaters will be in full Halloween spirits by the time they reach your front door.

Set the Scene with a Curated Playlist

One way to keep that spirit flying throughout the night is to incorporate the right soundtrack for your Halloween party. Using your home audio video, you can easily stream your curated playlist throughout the house at the press of a button. Inspire a frightening night with classic scores from The Exorcist, The Omen or Pan’s Labyrinth. If you’re looking for a lighter atmosphere, create a fun playlist featuring songs like "I Put a Spell on You," "Monster Mash," and "Thriller." Through your home AV system, it'll be easy to switch tracks, adjust volume, and more as the night goes on.

Watch Your Favorite Horror Movies

Once guests are settled in, why not take on a movie marathon featuring your favorite terror franchise? Watch in a fully immersive home theater environment with powerful surround sound and boo-ming bass. A large display featuring crystal-clear 4K video resolution offers a viewing experience even better than that of a commercial theater. With your AV system, enjoy easy access to streaming services, Blu-rays and digital libraries to find what you want, whether you're going to visit Elm Street or Crystal Lake.

  Let us help you create the ultimate frightful environment for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Begin your holiday prep with a professional home audio video upgrade. Set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling (225) 906.2589, chatting with us below or filling out our contact form.

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