Common Home Theater Design #Fails

Home theater with red leather seating, floor to ceiling movie posters and star ceiling.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Installing a Home Theater

A home theater is something many homeowners desire. So much that many homeowners try to design and construct themselves. Unfortunately, there are correct ways to design and install a home theater…and then there are #fails. 

We know, from the surface, a home theater design looks like nothing more than a big screen, some speakers, and some comfy chairs. But, where amateurs fall short is often in the decisions and customizations you can’t see on the surface. These hidden things take the home movie experience from good to great – definitely things you don’t want to forget.

Continue reading to learn about typical home theater design #fails that you should beware of in your Tampa, FL, residence.

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Missing Automation

“There are supposed to be four remotes, but I can only find three.”

Complexity causes problems, and who wants to unravel problems when settling in for a relaxing movie-watching experience? Unfortunately, a typical home theater design #fail is forgetting the automation component that simplifies the operation of your home theater’s technology. 

Wouldn’t it be great to operate every technology feature in the room from one easy-to-use remote? With Control4 smart home control, it is possible to connect all technology operations to a central device of your choice, reducing the opportunity for stress at movie time.


Watching in the Dark

It might be surprising to learn that you should not watch movies in the dark because it can cause eye strain. The best way to watch a movie is in a dimly lit room. If your home theater design does not include a light-dimming element, that would be a #fail.

Beyond eye health, having a lighting control system for a home theater also adds to the home cinema ambiance. Dimming the lights when the movie starts is part of an authentic movie theater experience and one that adds drama and effect to the event.

In addition, having proper lighting will ensure the best visual experience as well. If you’ve invested in a high-quality video for the home theater space, you want to get the most from your money by ensuring a top-notch visual achieved only with the proper lighting.


Interior Design

There aren’t many “don’ts” in home theater interior design, but there are a few sure-fire ways to #fail. Two essential to-dos are: paint the walls darker to avoid light reflectivity and install carpeting or large area rugs to absorb sound. From there, feel free to make the interior design of your theater room match your taste and preference. From choosing the seating to wall art, designing a home theater can be a fun experience. Just one more caveat, avoid any decorations with glass casings that could reflect light. 

Your Home Theater Design Experts

If you’re planning to install a home theater soon, the design team at Acadian Home Theater and Automation is available to help in the Tampa, FL, area. There are many ways to personalize a home theater design, but there are also considerations you may not realize can impact the experience. We want our customers to have the best experiences, so we would love for you to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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