How to Revamp Your Home Entertainment for Summer

Gain Easy Access to All Your Favorite Movies and Music

Summer is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends in your New Orleans, LA home. How can you make your space the ultimate destination? There are a few home entertainment upgrades we recommend to create the ideal hosting environment.

Outdoor entertainment is a critical component, but you'll also want to have some indoor havens for when the weather gets too hot and muggy. Embrace multi-room av solutions composed of intuitive control, high-end components, and expert installations. The features outlined below help you prep your space for summer and make your house the biggest hit on the block.

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Dedicated Home Theater

Home theaters are a great way to bring family and friends together for movie marathons or sports events on summer nights. Enjoy the latest blockbusters on Blu-ray or streaming services within a cool, climate-controlled environment during the hottest days of the season. Recreate the cinema experience with a projector-and-screen combination and add Dolby Atmos surround sound for immersive audio. Through a multi-room av solution, easily pull up the movies and shows you want to watch via universal remotes, mobile apps, or dedicated touchpads.

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Whole House Music

Not only is multi-room AV great when watching shows and movies, but it also lets you manage music throughout your house. During any get-together, whether it’s a casual group dinner or a Labor Day celebration, music plays a vital role. Music livens up any occasion and keeps the mood high as the day progresses.

Additionally, it encourages movement throughout your house instead of having people all congregate in one small area. Delineate which areas of your home you'd like people to socialize in by having your music extend to those spaces. Easily adjust volume, playlists, or which rooms have music through a dedicated touchpad or app.

Outdoor Sound System

If the weather permits it, take your music outdoors too! Add outdoor speakers placed strategically throughout your patio and backyard to listen to high-quality sound that doesn’t disrupt the neighbors. Enjoy all of your favorite artists with a professional multi-room AV solution which lets you access your streaming services and digital library even when you're outside. Adjust the volume easily right from your smart phone or tablet to keep the ambient noise at a perfect level.

Outdoor Television

Summer movies under the stars are a great way to bring the family together. Each family member nominates a movie to watch each week on weatherproof outdoor TVs. Select from a wide variety available on your streaming devices, Blu-rays, or cable boxes. On colder days, you can still enjoy your temperature-resistant outdoor TV, especially in the sunshine with an anti-glare screen. Depending on where you plan on watching, there are models designed for direct sunlight, shade, or partial shade.

  Let us create the perfect summer environment in your New Orleans home with these technology upgrades. Set up a consultation by calling us at 225.906.2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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