4 Ways to Make Your Home Theater Unique

Add some personality to your home theater while streamlining controls and more with these home theater design tips for Baton Rouge residents

  At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we believe the smart technology in your home should reflect your lifestyle and needs. Nobody’s home is the same as anyone else’s, and your home automation system should be just as unique.

That principle extends to your home theater as well. Everyone has their favorite movies and genres, so your home theater should be just as personal. Coming up with ways to make your home theater stand out can be difficult, so we put together this list of tips to help Baton Rouge, LA, residents differentiate their home theater design from that of their neighbors.

SEE ALSO: Must-Have Upgrades for a Superior Home Theater HIDDEN SPEAKERS AND TV Speaker and home theater display technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, making it simpler to get higher performance from more smaller devices. In terms of home theater design, using smaller devices lets you take your speakers and display off the floor, freeing up floor space and removing elements that could detract from your aesthetic.

In-wall or in-ceiling speakers are popular options, which helps create a 3-D soundscape while giving you a cleaner look for your theater. As for your display, you can mount flat-screen TVs behind a retractable wall panel or install specially made furniture that hides your TV until you’re ready to watch something. Another option is to install a projector and screen, which gives you more of a theater feel as well as letting you hide your display by rolling up the screen when it’s not in use.

LIGHTING CONTROL Lighting control makes your home theater easier to manage as well as providing design benefits. Lighting control systems utilize dimmers instead of on/off switches, giving you much more control over the ambiance in your home theater. Complete darkness can enhance the tension while you watch your favorite slasher movie. Alternatively, you can make things a bit brighter if you’re watching a children’s movie with your family. Lastly, lighting control lets you save time by creating and saving presets.

LEAN INTO THE ‘THEATER’ ASPECT We use the term “home theater” on purpose when describing dedicated movie-watching spaces. The goal is to recreate the feeling of watching a movie in a theater, so why not embrace that idea?

You can install retractable curtains to evoke movie palaces from the golden age of Hollywood. For enhanced comfort, install some theater-style seats or recliners. And we all know that popcorn is the ultimate movie snack, so adding a popcorn machine gives your home theater some flair.

USE A THEME WITH YOUR DECOR Designing a visually pleasing home theater is easy with if you follow familiar patterns, but like we said before, who wants a cookie-cutter design? The ideal way to set your home theater apart is to use a design theme that matches your favorite flicks.

If you’re looking for a place to start, you can hang some posters from your favorite movies. For something a little more involved, try including design elements that match your preferred movie genres.

Maybe you really love Westerns. If that’s the case, you could install hardwood floors or walls, along with cowboy décor like horseshoes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, science fiction fans can create a field of stars in the ceiling with LED lights. Your movie preferences are vast and varied, so mix and match different styles until you have a space that’s wholly your own.

We would love to work with you on creating a unique home theater design for your Baton Rouge home. To learn more, call our office at (225) 442-9849, visit us online or click on the chat box in the corner of your browser.

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