The Benefits & Features of Today’s Motorized Shades

A formal living room with dimly lit lights and a chandelier. Lutron shades are halfway drawn over the windows.


Smart automation has transformed how we manage our homes in Mandeville, LA. Gone are the light switches, manually controlled window coverings, and multiple remotes. In their place are beautiful custom-engraved keypads, high-resolution touchscreens, and our voice. Now, we press the ‘Good Morning’ button, and the shades rise, lights softly illuminate, and the ‘Wake Up’ playlist streams through our home. 

It's an incredible world we live in. And it gets even better. 

The automation aspect of this remarkable technology refers to an intelligent home that manages itself with no effort on your part—no button pressed or voice command. When programmed correctly, your many automated systems operate seamlessly, performing throughout the day and night, doing their job as you do yours. 

Motorized shades are one of these systems. Through programmed schedules, sensors, and geo-fencing, your shades automatically raise and lower throughout the day, maintaining the perfect natural light and privacy while protecting your home from harmful UV rays. Let’s explore the possibilities. 

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At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, our projects are designed to enhance your family’s everyday activities and special occasions. We can set your motorized shades to various schedules, programming them to raise and lower in perfect synchronicity or in just one room based on the time of day, weather, or the sun's position.

For instance, many clients enjoy waking to sunlight as their shades open in the early morning. Others want to see each sunset, so we program their west-facing shades to rise when the sun meets the horizon. After the sun sets, the shades lower to provide their family with complete privacy.


Your window coverings also know when the sun hitting the window pane is causing excessive solar heat gain. In the summer, these shades automatically lower, reducing energy consumption while keeping your home cooler. In the winter, the shades remain open, taking advantage of sunlight and warmth.

When you leave for the day, they automatically roll down. And when you head out for a long weekend, they continue to perform while you're away, making it look like someone's home.


When you hear the term "motorized shades,” your mind may conjure up bland roller shades and the whirring of a motor every time they open and close. We ensure a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful environment by partnering with Lutron, the industry leader. 

Lutron created the benchmark for whisper-quiet motorized shades. They offer several styles, from roller and Roman shades to horizontal sheer blinds, honeycomb cellular shades, and draperies. They also provide custom shades for hard-to-reach and unusually shaped windows. Now, when direct sunlight beams through the skylight and heats your home, one touch closes it. And, with over 1,500 fabrics, you’re guaranteed the perfect match for your home’s aesthetics. 

Are you ready to experience the incredible world of home automation? We’ll help you select the perfect window covering for every room and create a customized system that responds to your every command. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acadian Home Theater & Automation today.


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