Is Your Home Networking Protected from Cyber Attacks?


Find Out What Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family and Data

As connected devices and smart homes become more prevalent, there needs to be greater awareness about the threat of an unsecured network. Research from a cybersecurity firm recently showed millions of popular smart devices are vulnerable to hackers. Often, devices are targeted as part of a larger DDoS attack, meaning you don’t have to be a high-profile figure to be at risk.

It’s impossible to make your New Orleans, LA home entirely unhackable. It's still vital to understand the most common threats and the ways you can bolster your home networking to better protect your family as well as sensitive personal and business data.

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What Are the Most Vulnerable Aspects of Your Network?

The most common IoT devices targeted by hackers are security cameras. As mentioned above, this is often part of a DDoS attack, causing all cameras to request service from a server at once to crash it. Not as common, but still a risk, are attacks that hack cameras to access live feeds.

The primary vulnerability in any network, though, is human error. Hackers, like physical robbers, are looking for the easiest access to your network. Enticing you to click a link and download malware is the quickest way. Another issue concerns credentials: using simple or factory-supplied passwords and usernames, storing credentials on your cellphones, or sharing them freely leaves your network vulnerable to intrusion.

How Can You Bolster Your Network Security?

During your home networking installation, we do a few things to improve your overall security. The first step is educating our clients on networking best practices, including how to avoid phishing scams that allow malware to be installed.

Through ongoing monitoring, as offered in our service plans, we regularly scan ports and devices for security holes and install firmware upgrades as needed. Relaying friends and family to a guest network with unique credentials also helps keep them from putting your entire system at risk.

Just as important are the devices you include in your home. We only partner with industry-leading networking companies that offer enterprise-grade solutions committed to advanced security measures.

For example, the IoxT alliance provides a certification program using third-party testing to ensure devices pass basic security benchmarks. All members also pledge to follow standard security measures in design, manufacturing and installation. These measures deal with data protection, interface access, software updates, and configuration settings.


Do you want greater peace of mind when it comes to your connected devices? Acadian Home Theater & Automation can deliver a network that is as reliable as it is secure. To get in touch with our networking specialists, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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