Live the High Life with These High-End Audio Ideas


How Premium Audio Products Change the Way You Listen to Music

Take your music-listening experience to a whole new level. From upgrading to world-class speakers to enjoying easy access to your favorite music recordings throughout your entire home, there are many ways to make music a better part of your life. Installing high-end audio in your New Orleans, LA, home is the place to start.


Listen to your favorite music as the original artists envisioned through premium speakers that never disappoint. You’ll enjoy a listening experience that mimics the quality you’d expect at the recording studio itself. Read our blog below to discover four ways to integrate high-end audio into your life.


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Premium Speakers


Do you depend on TV speakers, smartphone or wireless wi-fi or Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favorite music? They may do the job, but they will not get you the same depth and clarity that premium speakers can provide. We work with a wide array of high-end speaker manufacturers including Bowers & Wilkins, Focal and Klipsch.


All of these companies combine the art of music with audio engineering to create the ultimate listening experience in your space. Using trademarked technology—like Bowers & Wilkins’ diamond tweeters or Focal’s inverted dome tweeters- these speakers deliver lower disruption, a larger soundstage and greater frequency response. The result is a natural, deep sound that is true to the original recording.



Integrate Your Favorite Music Services


In the past high-end audio and music streaming have been mutually exclusive. That’s because audio recordings have to be compressed in order to make them easier to stream through standard Wi-Fi bandwidths. However, a handful of music services including Tidal and Amazon Music HD offer lossless and high-resolution audio options.


These two technologies allow streaming services to use heavier files that are truer to the original recording. We’ll make it easy through our whole-home audio solutions to link up your high-end speakers to the best streaming options. In fact, you can access a playlist or song and then play it through your distributed system in any rooms with connected speakers. Centralized control is effortless from your Control4 app or tablet, making it so easy to manage the system.


Don’t Throw Away Your Classic Collections


Still holding onto your old CDs or vinyl records? Great! Listen to them again by integrating your CD and turntable into whole-home or 2-channel systems. High-end audio speakers always work best with analog sources like vinyl records, so we definitely recommend always making a turntable a part of your system. We’ll make it easy for you to switch sources while integrating the ideal receivers, phono amplifiers and amplifiers to get the most out of them on your brand-new speakers.


Explore the Best in 2-Channel Audio


While you can also use your high-end speakers as part of a surround sound or whole-home audio application, they’ll shine best in a traditional 2-channel system. Usually placed in dedicated listening rooms, these systems feature two speakers in front of the listener. These should be equidistant to ensure that sound from both hits you simultaneously. To learn more about how to set up 2-channel audio, we recommend visiting our showroom where we have a couple 2-channel systems available to demo in person.


Learn how high-end audio transforms the way you enjoy your music recordings. Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589 or complete our online contact form to get started.

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