How DIY Security Cameras Put Your Family at Risk


DIY Products and Installations Make Your Network More Vulnerable

Surveillance cameras are one of the most popular DIY security solutions on the market. Over the years, the ability to watch live surveillance feeds on a mobile app from anywhere in the world has made them a go-to option for families in New Orleans, LA, and throughout the country.

Network-connected cameras (also called IP cameras) offer a world of convenience, not just for homeowners. Unfortunately, they're also prime territory for hackers. Cameras connected to the network have IP addresses that are easy to find, so hackers can search through them to find ones vulnerable to attack.

By working with a professional for your home surveillance, you can take a few steps to make sure you don't become their next target.

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Products With Bolstered Security

Any camera you install should give you the ability within user settings to set unique usernames and passwords. Hackers will look for cameras with default settings and ease their way right into your network. Enterprise-grade surveillance solutions like our partners at Luma offer even more safeguards to protect your family and information.

First, their video recorders keep your footage saved on-site, rather than sending it to the cloud. Second, all footage is encoded using the H.265 vide codec and encrypted for added protection. Finally, LumaLink technology lets you set up the cameras without having a permanently open port, immediately cutting out most remote hackers.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

One of the reasons we use Luma for our home surveillance installations is that they’re within Snap AV’s OvrC ecosystem. What does that mean for you? It means our technicians can monitor and maintain your cameras remotely. They’ll be notified of any issues and fix them without you even noticing. This is most vital when it comes to firmware updates. These often include security patches that directly address existing vulnerabilities. Through the OvrC software, we’ll know as soon as firmware updates are available, and we'll be able to install them for you.

Built-In Network Protections

It’s not just important to work with high-end cameras. You also need a professional to take care of your network infrastructure for added peace of mind. One common approach to protect your home from cyber attacks is to delegate security and surveillance systems to independent VLANs. This keeps devices isolated from the main network. If another device on your network is breached, hackers won’t be able to access vital security infrastructure or surveillance footage.

Make sure your home surveillance cameras are there to protect your family, not put it at risk. With professional-grade products and installations, you can secure your network and data. Reach out to our team for tips on the best solutions for your property. Set up a consultation by calling us, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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