Bring Your Backyard to Life with An Outdoor Entertainment System


Add Fun, Function, And Expanded Living Space to Your Outdoor Environment

Your smart home provides the luxury of whole-home automation, multi-room audio and video distribution, and tunable lighting control. The systems allow you to set the mood, create ambiance, and add energy to your day. The same convenience and excitement can be extended to your backyard.   

Are you interested in stepping up your outdoor entertainment for your Baton Rouge, LA home? Read on to learn more. 

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Bring the Outdoors to Life

Backyards are central to our personal celebrations; from gathering for the game to marking milestones, these get-togethers strengthen bonds between family and friends. 

While including components of nature in your home is beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being, it does not mean you have to be disconnected. Enjoying the game with friends without being constricted into a single room is liberating; the outdoor air makes the food taste better and the drinks livelier. 

Watch Despite the Weather

Bringing video outdoors requires a bit more than simply running a cable from your distribution network and placing a TV on a table. There are several factors to consider when mounting a video display outside.

Temperature and humidity are the first to come to mind, and standard monitors cannot operate very well beyond the environmental specifications they are rated at. To avoid replacing the TV every few months, installa weatherproof outdoor modelthat is physically and electronically designed to withstand the effects of sun exposure, humidity, and temperature variations

The sun’s UV rays also make it more challenging to see the screen’s video. In addition to direct glare, the ambient light outside, even on overcast days, perceptually makes the images less bright and clear. Monitors made for the outdoors compensate for this to provide you with a high-quality image that can be enjoyed no matter where you stand.

Audio Ambiance 

Audio adds excitement and energy to any gathering, from bringing the game’s audio to the entire backyard to creating ambiance and fun with multizone musicJust as you can designate what music or content plays in your house’s rooms, you can provide different feeds for different areas of the yard. Play raucous pop by the pool for the kids, up-tempo songs by the garden, and the sporting game’s audio by the bar.  As night begins, you can fill the backyard with danceable music to keep the party going. 

In the same way that multiroom speakers can be hidden out of sight to preserve the architectural and interior design, outdoor speakers are designed to blend in with the environment. These units, camouflaged to look like natural elements or as part of the yard’s decorative assets, furnish high-quality audio without getting lost in the outside space or muffled by the people and conversations.  

Light Up The Night

As night comes, outdoor illumination guides the way and enhances the ambiance of your backyard. Keep the pool safe for continued swimming with brightly colored LED lights stringing around the area; just because the sun has gone down does not mean you have to stop the fun

Linger on the patio for another drink under the warm glow of wall-mounted and under-eave lights. Or take a late-night stroll through the gardens using expertly placed landscape lighting to guide the way. Up-lighting, downlighting, and tree-hanging fixtures can showcase beautiful sculptures, flower beds, fountains, or more throughout the backyard. 


Are you interested in making more of your outdoor space? Set up a meeting with our expert team to get started! Call (225) 906-2589 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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