How to Get the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Well-lit bathroom featuring wooden cabinets and walls with a walk-in shower and standalone tub.

Explore the Top Lighting Design Tips for Boosting Functionality and Ambiance 

Proper bathroom lighting is vital because the space is used so often and because it's used in so many unique ways. Your lighting needs will change whether you're going in for your morning shower, preparing your makeup or taking a relaxing bath. So why settle for a few overhead lights and an on-off switch on the wall? Your bathroom deserves so much more.

This blog showcases some must-have additions, from specialized task lighting to tunable fixtures. The result is a lighting design suited for all your needs while boosting the beautiful design of the bathrooms in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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Avoid Overlighting Your Bathroom 

One common way of addressing lighting issues is to add more lights. However, overlighting a bathroom only worsens the problem. For one, it takes away the relaxing environment you'll need when first shaking yourself out of sleep or trying to relax in the evening before bed. Additionally, many overhead lights create a greater opportunity for glare on your bathroom mirrors. 

A solution here is to reduce the number of overhead lights and to have them expertly placed to get the coverage you need without overpowering the space. You can then support them with specialized lighting, which we'll outline in the section below.

Create Focused Lighting for Each Area 

If you're narrowing down the number of overhead lights, you need to reinforce them with specialized lighting, particularly around your mirrors. Mirror lighting is the first thing you will notice, and it's vital to have the right illumination when getting ready. We recommend fixtures on either side of the mirror—often pendants or sconces–and general backlighting when possible. In addition, add smaller fixtures around showers, tubs, and lighting for layered lighting optimized for any task you undertake.

Adjust Your Color Temperature Easily 

Another way to add layers to your lighting design is to adjust color temperature–this is the specific hue of your fixtures. In the past, this meant picking out different fixtures depending on their inherent color temperature. Now, lighting from companies like Ketra allow you to tune a single fixture into millions of colors. This not only boosts the aesthetics of the space but its overall functionality too.

For example, cool blue-white lighting by your mirror is great for getting ready in the morning. A warmer, orange glow is better for relaxing. It might be ideal for an evening bath or as your go-to nighttime setting for those midnight runs to the bathroom when bright white lights could permanently shake off your sleep. 


Take the first step to a better bathroom environment with an upgraded lighting design. Have our lighting specialists create a custom design for your space based on your unique needs. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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