3 Benefits Of A Professionally Installed Video Surveillance System


DIY Systems Have Faults That Can Cost You Security And Peace Of Mind

Security is an essential element of your comfort at home. Your house should be a palace of solace and respite from the outside world. Adding an alarm and surveillance can provide peace of mind.

There is a temptation to forgo a professional design and installation in favor of off-the-shelf products. There are several interesting offerings, especially with IoT-centric devices.

There is a lot to be said for the ingenuity and feature sets that many DIY security systems have. What they do not offer is reliability, robust security, and interoperability. Like many things, when it comes to a video surveillance system, you get what you pay for. 

Read more below to learn why a professionally installed security system brings more benefits to your New Orleans, LA home.


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Details Matter

One of the first things you will notice when comparing pro systems to DIY is the quality of the video. While great strides have been made with mini cameras in smart doorbell devices, they pale in comparison to professionally installed units.

Our high-definition cameras and recorders are capable of 5-8MP, equivalent to a 4K ultra-high-definition resolution video. Many IoT devices barely generate 720p or 1800i, meaning you lose essential details in the video recordings. The quality becomes a critical factor if you are submitting files to the police; it is the difference between capturing a license plate or a blur. You wouldn't settle for degraded video quality in your home theater. Why accept it in your security system?

Is Your Security Secure?

For all their convenience, IoT devices are designed to be cheap, with installation being quick and easy. Manufacturers often skimp on all-weather housings, quality lenses, and connection security to keep costs down. Many consumer-grade cameras and remote door locks communicate over Wi-Fi to transmit video and sound and the connection credentials with the bare minimum of encryption. 

Stricter passkey systems take up more bandwidth, processing and require more expensive chipsets. The remarkable truth is that most of the name-brand DIY units can be cracked with software tools easily obtained over the internet. In addition, at least one well-known maker of smart doorbells has admitted it allows local police to access your recordings and live streams by default! You wouldn't accept this from your home network. Why should you allow it from your security cameras?

It’s All About Relationships

A professional, smart home security system does not stand alone. As part of your house's larger ecosystem, it can interact with the other systems.

By going beyond just alarms and doorway motion, our systems can be tied to your lighting, triggering both indoor and outdoor illumination when necessary. A professional system covers more than sensors and intrusion alerts. With connections to your temperature and humidity sensors, you can be advised if the levels in your wine cellar go out of range. Water damage from frozen pipes or a leaky HVAC system can wreak havoc on your furniture, artwork, and electronics. An integrated security system will alert you to these issues before they become devastating.

A system from Acadian Home Theater and Automation includes our relationship with you. We design systems that meet your needs and desires now with the ability to grow in the future.

Are you ready to gain real peace of mind with a professionally installed video surveillance system? Give us a call at (225) 906-2589 or fill out our contact form to schedule a meeting.

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