Amp Up The Fun Factor With An Outdoor Entertainment System


Outdoor Speakers and TVs Create the Immersive Experience You Need for Tailgate Parties

Everybody loves watching a live game at the stadium. The roar of the crowd, the concessions, and of course, the triumph of victory as you celebrate with friends – they all come together to create a thrilling event. But what if you can’t be there? We have a solution: Throw a tailgate party at your home in New Orleans, LA. A backyard outdoor entertainment system with TVs and speakers takes game watching to a whole new level.

We’re not talking about two speakers hanging on the walls or an indoor TV you put outside. We have something much better than that in mind. Transform your back yard into tailgate “party central” with a complete backyard sound system and 4K TVs that are meant for outdoor environments. Read more to see why an outdoor entertainment system is a perfect choice for your home.

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The Only Way to Watch TV Outside

The ball snaps, the players move to their positions on the field, the quarterback throws the ball, and... you can’t see it as it flies down the field. That’s what happens when you put an indoor TV outside. An indoor TV just isn’t bright enough to compete with the sun’s rays. So, your TV’s display experiences glare and fading. Fortunately, outdoor TV never has those problems.

Outdoor 4K UHD (ultra-high-definition) TVs are between 40% and 60% brighter than indoor displays. They also come in many sizes to suit your needs, so everyone can see the play. And of course, they are completely weatherproof. Whether you mount the TV on your patio, pool deck, or outdoor kitchen area, you’ll be amazed by the vivid display. Most importantly, your family and friends will enjoy a thrilling experience while watching live sports, movies, and your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your backyard.

The Sound of a Spectacular Audio System

Your outdoor TV has an awesome display, but it needs support from an outdoor sound system. Your outdoor sound system will provide the hi-fi audio (crisp highs and deep lows) you need. The “roar” of the crowd during a big game or the sound effects from an action movie offers an immersive audio experience, transforming how you enjoy games, programs, and music.

By positioning outdoor speakers in strategic locations throughout your yard, you’ll enjoy consistent and clear sound wherever you go. Outdoor speakers come in all varieties – from wall speakers and ceiling speakers to landscape speakers and subwoofers. Built for outdoor environments, they deliver exceptional sound quality in any weather. You can place them in bushes, flower gardens, in the ground, or anywhere else.

Seamless Control with Your Smart Home Tablet

Today’s outdoor TVs and audio systems are so easy to control. Change channels, adjust the volume, and pause the program using your smart home tablet or smartphone. In addition, if you’d rather not watch a movie or game, you can access Pandora, Spotify, or your media server to play your favorite songs while swimming in your pool, working in your yard, or relaxing on the patio.


Make outdoor entertainment an integral part of your life. Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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