Bring Incredible Music and Entertainment to Your Outdoor Spaces

An open-air concept with an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area with a TV and in-ceiling speakers.

The Latest Outdoor Audio Systems Redefine What’s Possible in Outdoor Entertainment

Many may not remember the days when outdoor audio consisted of portable radios or CD players. These days, many people have turned to Bluetooth speakers or one-directional under-eave speakers to deliver music to their outdoor areas. While these certainly suffice, they are a far cry from today’s outdoor audio systems that bring high-fidelity sound throughout your yard - whether it's an expansive estate with gardens, pathways, and water features or a smaller area with a patio and pool.

Let’s explore the makings of a high-performance outdoor audio system for your Tampa, FL, home.

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Today’s Outdoor Surround Sound

At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we partner with several outdoor audio manufacturers to ensure our clients the best solutions for their unique needs and settings. These systems enable us to strategically install and calibrate numerous satellite landscape or bollard speakers and subterranean subwoofers throughout your outdoor areas.

By installing them along your perimeter and directing them toward the listening areas, you experience perfectly even coverage, and your neighbors enjoy their silence. Neatly camouflaged, they blend in seamlessly with your outdoor aesthetics and create an even blanket of sound that engulfs the listener. These speakers provide pure, long-range power with no hot spots or dead zones. 

For homeowners with numerous listening areas, our certified technicians will also set up zones. This enables one group of friends to enjoy the big game on the outdoor TV while another listens to classic rock on the deck. The kids even get their own music, bobbing to pop music through underwater speakers in the pool.

Integrating Your Outdoor Audio with Your Smart Home

One of our partners, Control4, is the leading home automation platform. When we integrate your outdoor audio across your smart home, you experience effortless control of indoor and outdoor AV equipment, lighting, climate, security, and more - all from a touchscreen, remote, or mobile device. 

Now, with one touch, you can select your audio source, whether your favorite playlist, vinyl, selections from your media library, or the outdoor TV. Enjoy your favorite music floating through the air or a movie night under the stars, all from the same system. Control4 also provides access to over 40 streaming music services, including high-resolution, lossless songs from brands like TIDAL, Qobuz, and Amazon. 

When you’re having a few friends over for outdoor dining, tap the “Outdoor Entertainment” icon on a touchscreen, and your chosen playlist will stream through the outdoor areas, your landscape and patio lighting will illuminate and adjust to the perfect hue, and your pool will turn the color of the Caribbean Sea. Almost anything is possible with today’s technology.

Are you ready to explore the incredible world of outdoor audio? At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, our team is made of passionate audio-video and home automation experts that create customized solutions unique to our clients’ needs and properties. To learn more about the many options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acadian Home Theater & Automation today.

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