What Is the Key to Getting Successful Outdoor Audio?


Find Out Why Coastal Source is Our Go-To Partner for Outdoor Sound Systems 

The beautiful year-round weather is one of the reasons Tampa, FL, has one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country. When it comes to valuable real estate, you want to make each inch count. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your outdoor spaces like your pool, patio and backyard are as fun, comfortable and engaging as your indoor ones. 

Manicured lawns, heated pools and beautiful landscape lighting are just the beginning. You also need to add the right soundtrack! Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Don’t settle for Bluetooth speakers; instead, go with outdoor-rated solutions that deliver crisp, powerful sound. 

When it comes to outdoor audio, we trust Coastal Source to do the job. Below we outline some of the reasons we recommend them for clients who want to enjoy their favorite music while taking in the Florida sun. 

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Outdoor-Rated Speakers 

The number one reason we work with Coastal Source is that they have speakers specifically designed for outdoor use. They brave the elements while maintaining a sleek, minimalist profile that doesn’t overtake your landscaping. A drainage ramp and airtight enclosure let them survive even the roughest storms and extreme weather. The interior architecture is just as important with titanium tweeters and powerful subwoofer drivers for sound that cuts through the ambient outdoor noise. 

Model for Any Application 

Coastal Source offers a wide range of speakers to fit any application and setting. The Line Source Bollards are their premier speakers, delivering unparalleled performance with 1000 watts of power filling even the most spacious outdoor areas. In addition, the 3-Way Ellipse Bollard includes an 8” subwoofer (usually installed underground) for a full-range speaker ideal for patios or near pool areas. 

For more discreet installations, the 2-way and Mini Ellipse Bollards blend in with the surrounding foliage for powerful sound with minimal visual impact. If powerful bass is a priority, Coastal Source also has dedicated buried subwoofers that stay out of the way while delivering earth-shattering bass. For large backyards, use Modulus Bullet speakers along your perimeter facing inwards for a uniform sound that doesn’t seep into surrounding areas. 

Easy & Scalable Installation 

All Coastal Source installations incorporate the company’s trademark Plug and Play cabling, which helps avoid the number one issue with outdoor systems: poor connections. All our AV installers have to do is plug connectors together and twist them close for a reliable connection. Want to add speakers in the future? Simply untwist, add a new connector, and retwist. Whether new or retrofit, installations are quick and easy. 


Now is the perfect time to start sprucing up your outdoor spaces. Take advantage of our professional AV services for an outdoor audio experience from Coastal Source tailored to your needs and listening preferences. To get started, call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below. 

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