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Verify You’re Working with the Top Smart Home Company in the Area

Choosing the right smart home company is vital to getting the most out of your technology. Establishing a company’s credentials should be the first step to sift through the many options you might find online. 

Ensure they’re certified dealers for the companies you want, and look for those with HTA certifications. Reserved for only the top integration firms in the country, HTA-certified companies undergo an extensive process to prove they deliver reliable, high-quality services to their clients.  

Understanding the different levels between those certifications is just as important. Entry-level certifications for new dealers mean something completely different than those only available to top-tier companies. 

Acadian Home Theater & Automation boasts the top Control4 and HTA certifications. Find out what that means for your next Tampa, FL, project. 

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Diamond Control4 Pinnacle Dealer

Acadian first earned the Control4 Pinnacle Dealer award in 2019, becoming one of the first integrators in Louisiana to hold the distinction. Only dealers that sell over $1 million worth of Control4 products receive Pinnacle Dealer status. Not only does that typically mean they’ve completed many projects, but they also work on large luxury estates. 

As Control4 Senior Vice President Bryce Judd put it, “Control4’s latest Pinnacle status dealers…are contributing to the overall growth of the smart home by creating amazing experiences for clients in homes of all sizes. This achievement is only reached through dedication and experience, and Control4 is incredibly proud to be a partner with this expanding group of elite dealers.”

When we opened our office in Tampa, FL, we brought along much of our expert staff and the high-level service which first earned us the Pinnacle Dealer honors. 

HTA Certified - Estate

Awarded to companies specializing in large-scale projects, the HTA - Estate certification is the highest offered by the company. Acadian earned this level by working in luxury residences of all sizes, including those exceeding 10,000 square feet. Likewise, it showed it could work with budgets of over $250,000. 

Most important to our varied client base is the ability to meet a wide range of complex technology needs while preserving world-class interior design and architectural features. We deliver customized smart homes via high levels of design, engineering, and project planning while providing concierge-level customer service. 

Estate-level companies go through an extensive certification process to confirm we meet all these requirements. Since transparency is vital to the Home Technology Association, check out our HTA profile to see the types of services we offer and our typical project sizes and budgets.

When you partner with a Control4 Diamond Pinnacle Dealer and HTA-certified firm, luxury living is at your fingertips. It’s our mission to design tailor-made solutions that directly match our clients’ needs and priorities. Reach out to our team of experts by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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