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3 High-End Audio Products From Focal

Whether you’re a true audiophile or a casual listener, it’s easy to hear the difference between standard audio quality and high-end audio. At Acadian Home Theater and Automation, we believe every homeowner deserves to have premium entertainment in their home with high-fidelity sound. That’s why we work with industry-leading audio brands such as Focal speakers. Focal strives to raise the bar with every new product, helping ensure that customers always have the best product possible. Check out these three world-class products from Focal and see how they can benefit your home in New Orleans, LA.

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In-Wall and In-Ceiling Collection

Discreet speakers installed into your wall or ceiling are staples of a whole-home audio system. They are perfect for rooms where there may not be space for tall tower speakers, like the kitchen, bedroom, or dining room. All of Focal’s in-wall and in-ceiling options can be covered with a grill, which helps them blend into their surroundings. Though they may be nearly invisible, they produce a big sound, with technology that adapts to your room’s acoustics for the best possible sound.

Home Theater 

Your home theater needs a unique audio solution that will highlight the audio of all your favorite movies and shows. Focal makes home theater speaker sets that can be placed strategically around your space for an all-encompassing, surround sound experience. Homeowners can choose solutions like the 1000 Series, which are architectural speakers installed in the walls and ceiling of your theater. Focal also has the Chora and Aria K2 collections, which are freestanding tower and bookshelf speakers that provide unrivaled high-fidelity sound in a sleek and stylish package. 

High-Fidelity Tower Speakers

A good speaker makes a song sound good, but a great speaker highlights every detail in a song, allowing each track to blend seamlessly for an unrivaled performance. That’s the excellence that Focal achieves again and again with their flagship hi-fi tower speakers. Speakers from their Utopia III Evo and Sopra continue to set the bar for audio performance. These speakers would make great additions to any media room or living room wherever you love to listen to your favorite tunes. Whether you use them to listen to digital music from Spotify or Apple Music or connect them to a turntable or CD player, you’ll be blown away by every track, every time. 

At Acadian Home Theater and Automation, we don’t settle for standard and you shouldn’t either. Focal can bring high-end audio products to your home for a mind-blowing sonic performance every time. 


Do you want to learn more about Focal or get started installing their speakers in your home? Contact Acadian Home Theater and Automation today! We’ll outfit you with industry-leading speakers for every space in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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