What Makes for a Superior Home Networking Experience?

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How Our Networking Specialists Go Beyond the Basics to Provide a Seamless Networking Experience 

Many people think the primary way to improve their home networking is to upgrade their router and run more ethernet cables. Valuable as these are to your network foundation, it takes an expert's touch to take your connection to the next level. 

At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we offer enterprise-grade routers with unrivaled speeds and bandwidth and pair them with whole-home prewriting to reduce your dependence on wireless signals. Leveraging our team of experts and years of experience is just as crucial to ensuring the ultimate performance out of the network in your Tampa, FL, home. 

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After Hours Service

While it's easy to get lost in the technical elements of what makes a good home network, it's essential to remember the human element. Luxury homeowners are used to stellar customer service, and that shouldn't be any different when it comes to their home network. 

As with most technology, even the best systems may need some love and care down the line. What good is a powerful network if no one is there to help with any issues in the evenings or on weekends? Our service plans include 24/7 phone support, discounted service rates, and "Front of the Line" priority scheduling. Call us or submit a request via a mobile app, and our team will be happy to help at any time. 

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring included in our Enhanced Plan is even more vital to many of our clients. Since network downtimes are such a hassle, whether it's interrupting a work meeting or your family's weekend streaming binge, we do our best to avoid them altogether. How does our team resolve issues before you even notice them?

Integrate our remote monitoring solution, which keeps an eye on the health of all your connected devices at all times. Our team receives a notification if the network or an individual device goes offline or if there are any significant fluctuations in your upload and download speeds. A curated staff of experts then troubleshoots the problem on your behalf, often before you notice any downtime. 

Our home networking installations include vital equipment and software to monitor and resolve issues. If a device needs to be rebooted or a software upgrade is required, our team takes care of it without a service call leading to additional costs and wait times. Not only are these tools available to our team, but in many cases, homeowners can troubleshoot and fix issues themselves if they prefer.


Enjoy robust and reliable home networking with white-glove customer service. Schedule a call with our networking specialists by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. Our team will design a tailor-made solution for you. 

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