4 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Whole-Home Audio System


How a Comprehensive Solution Compares to Standalone Products

As Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers become commonplace in households in New Orleans, LA and throughout the United States, they’re also becoming many families’ go-to audio systems. You simply ask your assistant of choice, and they’ll pull up your go-to playlist, album or artist on Spotify or Apple Music. Simplicity, though, shouldn’t be the primary way you judge the quality of your audio experience.

Are you able to pull up music anywhere in the house? Is voice control the best option at the moment? Do you get to enjoy your favorite recordings in the best quality possible? Are you limited to listening to only streaming services? These are the questions you need to consider, and as you answer them, you’ll see why in many cases, a whole-home audio system is a much better option than simply adding smart speakers throughout your house.

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Versatile Control

Not every situation is ideal for voice control. Having a smart speaker as your butler is certainly nice, but it shouldn’t be the only way you can pull up music at a moment’s notice. Enhance your experience with a distributed audio solution that lets you view and manage your music collection through dedicated touchpads, on-wall keypads, handheld remotes or mobile apps. Schedule a curated playlist to come on every morning to gently wake you from your deep sleep.


Whole-Home Coverage

Relying on smart speakers typically means listening to music specifically in the room where the speaker is located. Keeping multiple speakers throughout the house may extend that reach, but it’ll be hard to get full, high-quality coverage throughout the home. On the other hand, creating groups of speakers is easy with a whole-home audio system, so you’ll be able to pull up music in one area (like the backyard), a specific room, an entire floor, or the entire house.


Endless Entertainment  

Music streaming services put thousands of songs at your fingertips, which is why they’ve become the go-to platform for most listeners. Easily pulling up these services on smart speakers is one of the main reasons they’ve become such a popular home audio option. But what if you want to listen to a CD or something other than streaming music? With a whole-home audio system, you significantly extend your music source options. Turn on an audiobook, podcast, sports broadcast or even listen to a record on your turntable throughout the house.


High-Performance Sound

Smart speakers are optimized to be just that---smart devices that let you input commands. Opting for a whole-home audio system means upgrading to high-end loudspeakers. Relish in stellar sound offering greater clarity, power and depth with renowned manufacturers like Bowers & Wilkins, Klipsch, and Sonus Faber. Add speakers throughout the house to get even coverage as you move from room to room and optimize listening rooms and theaters. Finally, easily integrate these speakers into your décor through in-wall and in-ceiling models that disappear from view.


Our whole-home audio solutions provide an almost endless array of options when it comes to enjoying your favorite music. For more information on how to upgrade to a better listening experience, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below. 

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