Why Motorized Shades Are a Must-Have Smart Home Upgrade


No Other Technology Has Such an Immediate, Versatile Impact on Your Home

Do you want to add a spark to your home but don't know where to start? Transform your residence with motorized shades that boost your style and bring a plethora of lifestyle benefits with them. Have seamless control of beautiful shades, blinds, and drapes just as you want and even automate changes for a bigger impact. Explore how this simple upgrade will have a lasting effect on every corner of your Lafayette, LA home. 

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Running around the house closing shades at the end of the day or when the sun is at its brightest is a hassle, especially in large luxury homes. A leading benefit of motorized shades is the ability to manage them from one central location and through the control option of your choice. Instantly close all the shades from an elegant on-wall keypad, touchpad, mobile app, handheld remote, or even voice command. Group shades based on their application or location to lower and raise them simultaneously.


Reinforce your privacy with smart control that ensures shades are always closed when needed. For example, opt for daily scheduled scenes that lower all shades in the evening for peace of mind when you go to sleep. Since motorized shades can be closed without you being in the room, it’s also easy to proactively close them in bathrooms or bedrooms before you step inside for greater privacy. There is also the option to add motion sensors to close shades automatically if someone approaches a window from outside.

Energy Savings

Having natural light pouring in through your windows is a great way to boost your well-being while reducing your dependence on artificial lighting. However, energy savings from natural light often disappear due to the resulting heat gain that places an additional burden on your HVAC—especially during the muggy Louisiana summers. All it takes to harness the power of natural lighting without these issues is strategic management. For example, direct motorized shades to close via photo sensors or schedules when hit by direct sunlight or at the hottest parts of the day. Additionally, you should incorporate honeycomb shades that trap heat and keep it from entering your home. 


Natural lighting has one other drawback. The sun's UV rays are damaging to upholstery, artwork, and even electronics. What can you do to enjoy your views and sunlight while protecting your property? Add photo sensors, so shades close automatically when the sun is hitting the space directly. These shades should have a small openness factor, so they let in as little sunlight as possible when used. With a dual shading system, you have the option of using more stylish sheer shades throughout the day then only implementing the light-blocking ones when needed. 


Enjoy the perks of motorized shades with a custom installation from Acadian Home Theater and Automation. In our initial one-on-one, we'll get to know your needs, preferences, and priorities to create a solution geared to you. To get started, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below. 

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