How Can I Automate My Motorized Shades?

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Elevate Your Lifestyle With Motorized Blinds and ShadesThat Anticipate Your Needs 

Motorized shades are a perfect solution for luxury homes with dozens of windows. At that point, it’s not practical to go to each window to manually open and close your window treatments. Instead, opt for shades you manage through apps, Amazon or Google Home voice commands, remote controls, or touchpads. Control one at a time or all of them simultaneously.

The result is a more comfortable, eco-conscious home with the perfect amount of natural light at any given time. When working with a professional, you take the benefits a step further by adding automation so your shades anticipate your needs without you lifting a finger. 

Below are some ways to automate shades in your New Orleans, LA, home. 

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The most straightforward way to automate your shades is to schedule them to open and close when needed. We set this up for you when we install your shades and show you how to adjust the settings if your schedule changes. We’ve seen clients use this in multiple ways. Schedule shades to open when it’s time to get up, or direct them all to close in the evening to protect your family’s privacy. Even set shades to random schedules while you’re away to simulate activity and dissuade potential intruders. 


Another common way to automate your shades is based on the amount of available sunlight. We connect shades to photo sensors that gauge how much light is hitting your windows. Based on that information, your window treatments open or close. This is particularly useful in the steamy New Orleans summers. With the sun’s UV rays comes significant heat gain. If your shades proactively close when hit directly by sunlight, it’ll be easier to maintain a fresh temperature. In the rare freezing temperatures, shades also close at the coldest point of the day for added insulation. 


As mentioned, shades are vital in regulating temperature. When your motorized shades are part of a smart home automation system, they’ll communicate with your thermostat for proactive climate control. To lower the temperature to your ideal setting, your HVAC directs shades to close. That way it takes less energy and time to cool the space, resulting in lower energy bills and a more eco-conscious lifestyle.  

Custom Scenes 

Integrating shades into custom scenes is also possible, causing them to open or close based on specific triggers. When you hit play to start a movie in your living room, blackout shades close to eliminate ambient lighting. A keypad by the front door includes an “Away” button you press on the way out that turns off all the lights, lowers the shades, and locks the doors.  

Are you interested in effortless control and comfort with motorized shades? Call us or fill out our contact form to explore automation solutions tailored to your home. 

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