3 Smart Home Technology Features that Will Transform Your Interior Design


Let Technology Be a Boost to Your Décor Instead of a Hindrance 

Smart home technology is known for the convenience it brings to your everyday life. Everything in your home is managed just the way you want via voice command, mobile app, or sleek handheld remote. Despite technology's poor reputation among many interior designers, it also brings one added perk to your Mandeville, LA, home. Aesthetically minded homeowners can integrate smart control of lights, shades, and AV to boost their interior décors. 

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Homeowners, interior designers, and realtors have always known how important lighting is to the look and feel of a space. Yet many homes still depend on one-tone fixtures and on-off switches for control. With Lutron's Ketra fixtures, you can enjoy up to 17 million color variations and manage them seamlessly through beautiful, sleek on-wall touchpads available in matte, glass, and metal finishes. Home in on the ideal dimness and color of each fixture to render picturesque scenes that mesh perfectly with your décor. 

Motorized Window Treatments 

Drapes, shades, and blinds are vital tools for interior designers. But with a little help from your smart home technology, they become even more transformative. For one, your décor options grow exponentially when you don’t have to worry about ease-of-use for heavy fabric or hard-to-reach windows. And while it’s easy to assume motorized varieties will lack in style, that’s not the case at all. Lutron models are available in designer fabrics and color-matched to fit your home’s overall look. 

But your window coverings exist to be more than stylistic accents. They are the primary way to manage the flow of sunlight in your home. Through a proactive control solution that opens and closes shades based on available sunlight, it’s easy to give your space a natural glow while reducing the glare and heat gain often associated with it. 

Hidden Technology 

Some high-end loudspeakers are a statement of their own, but for the most part, interior designers and homeowners alike consider AV components unseemly clutter. Boxy speakers and black displays stand out like sore thumbs in an otherwise immaculately designed space. 

Smart home technology lets those components disappear from view. Your AV professionals place all wiring behind walls and most equipment in a rack hidden in a dedicated closet. 

What about speakers and screens that must be in the room? Architectural speakers camouflage within walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, specialized mounts hide TVs within niches in the ceiling, inside furniture, or behind beautiful works of art. If using a projector screen, go with a motorized one that retracts when not in use. 


Do you want to bring a seamless, stylish technology solution to your home? We’d be glad to work with your or your interior designer to create a system tailored to your preferences. Just call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to get started. 

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