What If Your Lights Anticipated All Your Needs?


Gain Comfort and Peace of Mind with Lighting Automation 

What would it be like to have complete hands-off control of your home’s lighting? You may be envisioning a smart assistant you command to dim the lights or turn them on and off. What we have in mind goes way beyond that. We’re talking about lighting that completely anticipates your needs in your Tampa, FL, home and adjusts throughout the day without you having to worry about a thing. 

That’s what Lutron lighting automation accomplishes by combining personalized lighting scenes with schedules and sensors. Below we highlight some of the most common ways clients use automation to light their homes. 

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Schedules are a great way to anticipate your lighting needs for both comfort and safety. At a given time each day, lights automatically turn on to your desired settings. There are two really common applications when it comes to schedules. One is a “Good Morning” scene that comes on when it’s time to get up. It opens your shades and slowly brightens the lights. This way, you can ease yourself out of sleep for a more comfortable start to the day. 

The other use has to do with safety and is probably one of the most common lighting automation options in residential and commercial settings. Schedule landscape lighting to turn on when the sun sets to avoid dark areas where intruders could lurk. Then program them to turn off in the morning to conserve energy. There are even options to automatically adjust this scene as sunset times change throughout the year.


The other way to integrate lighting automation is sensors. You’re likely familiar with motion sensors used this way in commercial spaces. For example, when you exit a bathroom or boardroom, lights will turn off, so there’s no wasted energy in unoccupied areas. You can do the same at home in the more ‘high-’risk’ rooms like bathrooms or children’s rooms. Motion sensors are also really useful in outdoor walkways. For example, as people approach your front door, path lights turn on to guide their way.

One lesser-known option for automatic lighting control is the use of photosensors. These measure the amount of sunlight available and act accordingly. Is it a particularly cloudy day? Artificial lights illuminate to help you avoid strain. In the brightest times of day, lights dim or turn off to take advantage of sunlight to reduce waste and boost your mental wellbeing. 


Do you want to embrace the ultimate luxury in your home? Our experts will design a lighting automation system that anticipates all your needs. It all starts with a one-on-one consultation to get to know you and your family. Schedule a meeting with our team by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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