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How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

Upgrade Your Baton Rouge Property with A Home Automation System


One of the benefits of living in Baton Rouge is having the opportunity to take advantage of your outdoor space all year round, and a home automation system helps you make the most out of your patio, deck, or pool area.

Want to expand the range of your sound system? Put up shades to block out the sun and bugs? Control the temperature of your pool from your smartphone?

Smart home automation makes it all possible, maximizing the convenience and functionality of your space while impressing guests with sleek integrated technology. Read on to discover how a home automation system can make your outdoors greater than ever.


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Increase Comfort with Automated Shades

The Louisiana sun can be brutal, but you can shield yourself from the blazing heat with automated shades. Setting shades up around the perimeter of common areas keeps those spaces cool, and they can be set to lower or raise depending on the time of day so you always have coverage. Shades also protect against harmful UV rays and bugs, making it easier to relax without worrying about burns or bites.


Bring Music Outside with Integrated Audio

Nothing sets the mood quite like music, and a home automation system allows you to bring your playlist outdoors. All you have to do is connect outdoor speakers to your preexisting whole house audio configuration, giving you the ability to control music from a centralized control hub.

This also provides flexibility. If you want to have one song playing by the grill and another by the pool, you can isolate each area to play different tracks at the same time.


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Showcase and Protect Your Property with Landscape Lighting

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating a beautiful outdoor space. Show off all that hard work with landscape lighting. You can program different scenes to create a distinct atmosphere depending on the event, and having a well-lit outdoor space increases the security of your property.

If you’re concerned about intruders, connect your system to motion sensors that will trigger the lights if there are any unwanted visitors. You can also incorporate your audio into this security interface, triggering an announcement that the authorities have been contacted when the lights turn on.


Cool Off with Pool Control

Jumping into the pool is a quick way to refresh yourself in the middle of a hot summer day, and you can make sure your pool is at the perfect temperature before you take a dip. Link your pool to a home automation system and you’ll be able to control temperature, pumps, lighting, and water features from a smartphone or tablet.


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