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Introduction to Home Theaters: What You Need to Know

Explore the Must-Know Facts of Owning a Home Cinema System

At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we love working with homeowners throughout Louisiana to make their home entertainment dreams a reality.

If you have ever wanted to showcase a home cinema in your house, our team based in Baton Rouge has dedicated experience crafting customized theater systems for any family throughout the state.

But where do you begin the process? What are the must-know facts about home cinemas that you need to know about?

In this post, we share some of the home theater basics you should know about as you embark on your project.

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You Don’t Need to Build an Entirely Brand-New Space

One common misconception about home cinemas is that you have to build an entirely new, dedicated space for your theater.

While you can definitely construct a devoted theater as an addition to your house, not every homeowner has the capability to achieve this at their current property.

You should know this, however: You don’t need to build a dedicated theater to enjoy a top-of-the-line cinematic setup in your house.

Sure, building a brand-new space certainly gives you the ability to customize every feature in your cinema and the ability to limit the amount of natural light entering the room, but you can also remodel an existing space in your home to support a theater setup.

You can include features such as blackout shades to block ambient light and acoustic treatments to enhance the auditory experience.

In situations where you might place a home cinema system in a room that is susceptible to high levels of natural light, you even can add a high-brightness projector or a projection screen with ambient light-rejecting technology.

Our point is this: If you are ready to invest in a home theater, there is a solution available to any potential obstacle you might encounter.


Creating an Immersive Experience

One priority our clients often request is that their home cinema feels immersive. They want to feel as if they are at the movie theater when they watch a film in their private cinema.

There are multiple ways of achieving this.

Firstly, you can feature a projector that delivers image in 4K Ultra HD resolution. This detailed image, when projected onto an expansive projection screen, can be vibrant and realistic – enough to immerse you in the film.

You also can go beyond a surround sound system to provide a truly three-dimensional listening experience. We recommend featuring a Dolby Atmos speaker arrangement, which includes in-ceiling speakers in addition to a standard surround sound setup.

When you watch a movie compatible with the Dolby Atmos audio format, each independent speaker works to immerse you in the action. With sound filling the room from every direction, you will feel like you are experiencing the film – not just watching it.

Home theaters can also be more immersive than just the viewing experience they can deliver.

You can add video game systems for the ultimate gaming experience (some games are even Atmos-compatible), media-streaming devices that allow you to watch Netflix on the big screen, or a device like Kaleidescape that digitizes your existing movie library and allows you to purchase today’s most popular movies without having to get up from your seat.

You even can feature an integrated control system that allows you to manage every device in your theater from your smartphone or tablet.


Partnering With Your Local Theater Installation Expert

While it is possible to build your own home cinema, you can partner with your local theater installation expert to get the best performance out of your brand-new setup.

Our team at Acadian has years of experience helping Louisiana homeowners achieve their home theater goals.

From personalized consultation and design to expert product selection, skillful installation, integration and ongoing maintenance, we genuinely enjoy building home cinema systems optimized for any viewing environment.


Are you ready to begin your home theater project? We want to hear from you! You can reach out to our team today for a no-obligation consultation by clicking here.