What is the Best Television for Outdoor Entertainment?


Enjoy Greater Quality and Reliability by Going with a TV Designed for the Outdoors

Now that the cold weather is fully receding from view, you're ready to dust off those patio chairs and take the cover off the pool. Then, it’s time to brainstorm ways to make your outdoor spaces even more fun. As you look for ways to make these areas more entertaining, bringing out a TV for watching sports or hosting movie nights under the stars is a popular choice.

Even though it is tempting to bring out an indoor TV for the summer, it’s the worst thing you could do for the outdoor entertainment in your Baton Rouge, LA home. Relying on an indoor TV will lead to voided warranties and poor performance. Instead, you should go with a dedicated outdoor TV like the Samsung Terrace TV when bringing your favorite entertainment outside.

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Optimal Performance Throughout the Day

One of the most significant issues with taking an indoor TV outside is that it cannot deliver high-quality images during the day. Even partial sunlight will cause images in high-end TVs to wash out, and direct sunlight will result in constant glare that makes your display unwatchable. How does the Samsung Terrace TV help you avoid these common lighting issues?

First, anti-reflection screens let your content shine even on the sunniest days while boosting your picture quality. Full sun outdoor TVs from Samsung boast 1,500+ nit brightness levels that compete even with direct sunlight. Through adaptive picture technology, brightness levels adjust automatically based on the ambient light available.

Protected from the Outdoor Elements

Having an indoor TV outside is also a bad long-term solution since the equipment is not designed to withstand that environment and will break down quickly. The Samsung Terrace TV is IP-55 rated for weather-resistant durability. Keep your investment safe with materials and design specifically chosen to protect the TV from water, humidity, dust, and heat. Designed to stay outdoors year-round, the Terrace can handle temperatures ranging from -20 F to 120 F.

Same Samsung Quality in a New Space

All the advanced display and processing technology that has made Samsung TVs a pillar in the market is available on their outdoor model. View images in crystal clarity through their trademark QLED solutions and native 4K upscaling. Enjoy greater contrast and vivid colors through Samsung's Quantum HDR and optimize gaming and sports content with Motion Rate 120 that minimizes motion blur.

Control Ideal for the Patio or Pool

Not only does the Samsung TV come with built-in streaming apps, but an AV professional will let you access all your favorite content from your patio or pool. Pull up what you want using a waterproof remote or the TV’s native voice control.

Do you have an existing home automation system? We integrate your TV into this larger ecosystem for seamless control of lights, audio, video and more from one platform to help you create the perfect outdoor environment in seconds.

Ready to boost your patio or pool with a state-of-the-art outdoor TV? Enjoy the best in outdoor entertainment with a professional installation. Reach out for a consultation by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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