3 Reasons You Need Remote Maintenance for Your Smart Home


Fulltime Support Delivers Greater Performance from Your Technology

For decades, corporations have used remote maintenance for their technology to avoid costly downtime or security breaches that could severely impact their bottom line. As technology becomes a central point of the home, this service has grown in popularity in the residential industry as well. Not only do smart home companies like Acadian Home Theater & Automation install your technology, but they take a leading role in maintaining it as well.

We offer several tiers of service plans with remote maintenance as a focal point. Here we highlight the three main benefits of having a professional remotely monitor and maintain your technology. Our technicians keep watch over your technology to ensure it's ready to use as prescribed at any time, in any corner of your Baton Rouge, LA home.

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Reduce System Downtime

Downtime when it comes to your smart home technology not only affects your comfort and enjoyment but your safety as well. Avoid system downtime with remote maintenance solutions that monitor your system 24/7. Whenever there is an issue with a network-connected device, our technicians receive a notification and instantly start working on it. Our techs often fix these issues remotely, without the need for a service call, so any downtime is so minimal you likely won’t even notice it.

Improve Your Security

As part of your remote maintenance, technicians will also be notified whenever someone tries to breach your network. Even though your smart home installation includes vital measures to protect your network from attacks, experienced techs should be mindful of these incidents. This information will help them find patterns on where these attacks are originating to bolster security in those areas. Maintenance technicians also remotely implement software upgrades that include security patches to ensure no vulnerabilities in your system.

Optimize Your System Performance

As with any technology, your smart home will function best if it undergoes regular maintenance. Let our technicians implement software and firmware updates to give you access to the latest features while conducting ongoing quarterly or annual testing to verify your system health. Even though we’ll know immediately of any issues, the goal is still for them to never happen in the first place.

Our Service Plans

As part of our commitment to stellar customer service, we offer two different service plans. Not only does our Enhanced Plan include proactive remote maintenance and troubleshooting, but it also includes 24/7 text, email, chat or phone support. Discounted service call rates are also included, along with priority next-day service. For many common issues, you also have a mobile app handy to fix them yourself.

If you want to learn more about remote maintenance and our smart home service plans, we’d love to walk you through our offerings to find the best solution for you. Call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to set up a consultation with one of our dedicated service agents.

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