3 Areas That Benefit from a Professional Audio-Video Installation


Add a Spark of Excitement to Your Home Theater, Media Room and Outdoor Spaces

At times, home entertainment systems seem like a simple endeavor. Plug in a TV and an accompanying streaming stick, and you’ve got access to a plethora of movies, TVs and sports. In addition, a Bluetooth speaker you carry around the house lets you play music from your phone indoors and out whenever you feel like it.

Normally, though, this type of convenience comes at the expense of quality. You need a professional audio video installation to really lose yourself in a movie or hear every detail of your favorite recordings. So, here we outline three areas where DIY won’t cut it in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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Home Theater

Even the biggest DIY enthusiasts recognize that dedicated home theaters require extensive planning. An AV installer will first find the ideal location for the theater based on its shape and overall acoustics. Then based on the space’s limitations and your viewing preferences, they’ll advise you on the layout and equipment for the room. This includes picking projectors bright enough to deliver dynamic images, screens large enough to immerse you in the action while not causing eye strain, and speakers strong and precise enough to create a 3D soundstage. Reinforcing the room with acoustic treatments to avoid muffled sound may also be necessary.


Media Room

Media rooms seem much better candidates for that plug-and-play solution we mentioned at the start of the blog. A media room, though, needs more than that to be successful. Not only should you include additional speakers for better surround sound and multi-room audio performance, but you’ll likely want architectural models that blend into the walls. Design is vital in this area since you have so many guests congregating there, so a professional installer also keeps all wiring neatly hidden behind the walls. Integrate smart control of lights, shades, climate, and more, and you’ll enjoy the perfect environment for reading, watching TV or hosting friends at the press of a button.


Outdoor Spaces

No area of the house poses bigger challenges to your AV system than the outdoors. All equipment, including TVs, speakers and wires, needs to be rated for the outdoors to avoid rapid wear and tear and poor performance. Wires need to be sealed tight to prevent water damage, TVs must be ultra-bright to counter the sun’s glare, and speakers must be strong enough to cut through significant ambient noise. Due to the difficult nature of these installations, the best equipment for the job is usually only available through official dealer channels. A professional not only gets you access to these vital tools but also designs a system that is easy to use and delivers powerful, uniform sound that doesn’t seep into neighboring properties.


Do you want to enjoy high-performance sound and video throughout your house? Then a professional audio-video installation is the way to go. Reach out to our team to set up a one-on-one consultation by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting below.

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